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Orphaned dog saved by a flight to a new life

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By KVAL News Published: Aug 2, 2012 at 4:28 PM PDT Last Updated: Aug 2, 2012 at 5:51 PM PDT

COTTAGE GROVE, Ore. — An orphaned Australian cattle dog is reunited with her foster-mom after the volunteer program “Pilots ‘n Paws” flew the pup from a Pendleton shelter to a home in Cottage Grove.

The six-year-old dog, Maggie, was evaluated by Sonja Wilkins at a rescue shelter before she was adopted two years ago by a Pendleton man. Maggie was orphaned after her new owner recently committed suicide.

After the man’s death, Maggie was taken to a dog pound in Pendleton where she faced being euthanized. Word got back to Wilkins that Maggie was homeless once again, and she said that she would be happy to take her back in.

The volunteer organization “Pilots ‘n Paws” agreed to fly Maggie to live Cottage Grove until she is adopted. Wilkins will serve as a temporary foster-mom because of her previous experience with Maggie.

Sonja Wilkins awaits the arrival of Maggie, a dog recently orphaned after its owner committed suicide.

“I know she loves treats, loves tennis balls and Kong toys to play with, so she’ll be all set here!” Wilkins said while waiting at the Cottage Grove airport.

This was the first flight this volunteer pilot as done for the “Pilots n’ Paws” organization. He said that Maggie looked pretty bored on the flight to her new home, but appeared happy upon arrival.

7 thoughts on “Orphaned dog saved by a flight to a new life”

  1. Lisa Griffin says:

    That is awesome..love your organization. You guys transport a lot of dogs for our rescue out of Roxboro, NC. Angels from above!

  2. Pam and Hadley Anne says:

    What a great ending to a sad story! Awesome organization!

  3. Robin Nesteruk says:

    ThankYou For flying this baby home to the foster mommy..You are an angel with wings..God Bless you and keep you safe..

  4. Lynda says:

    You are all the greatest! Love these stories. I am a volunteer with Companions For Heroes. Anything that we can do for our heroes and furry companions. Lynda

  5. Linda Watkins says:

    Pilots n Paws has come through for several of our Pet Adoption Network ACDs in the last couple of years – a two to three-hour plane flight is so much better for these critters than 8 to 12-hour ground transport with multiple vehicle changes. We thank all PnP pilots!

  6. Tima McMichael says:

    Wonderful story I’m so happy for all the people out there willing to help animals get the chance to be loved. I too have a Australian Cattle Dog named Maggie,in total I have five.Maggie alerted my husband after I took a fall in the rain with an electrical fence was on my neck. I love my Maggie!

  7. tracy ransom francis says:

    thanks guys. i foster and transport ACDs. if we share the work, we can make a difference

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