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Pilots N Paws

Scott Messinger Moves Another Set

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Pilots N Paws…rescue…back to Whiteville, NC.

Columbus county animal control, like so many other southern shelters, is teaming with dogs.   And get this. They have only 40 crates.  That means when the 40 crates get full, it’s time to euthanize.

40 crates is no space at all. I have seen the Darlington, SC shelter get 10 dogs dropped off before noon…So few adopters, and they keep on coming in. This lucky group got out and is now in New Jersey in private homes or with fosters.

Morning storms in NC, but fortunately they were moving away from us as we traveled southbound. Great weather the rest of the way. It was the usual group of Heinz 57’s, with the exception of a huge boxer boy that we picked up in New Bern, NC on the way north.

We were told that he had spent his entire life living in a vet’s office, waiting for a family. From puppyhood till now. And look at his size!  He’s huge! Just waiting and living at a vets office.  Well, he’s got a family now.

The shaggy white haired airdale looking girl in the pic was a real kisser.  We were told she was a stray, so it was unusual for her to be so docile and sweet around people. My guess is that she spent some time with a family before they gave her up.

We always like it when we get to meet the actual families receiving the dogs, and that was the case today. The mom and kids were so excited…. Their dog had recently passed and they were all so happy to welcome their new pup.

Even got a wonderful thank you card.