Aromatic Passengers

Aromatic Passengers

August 12 was the day five puppies from Chattanooga, TN found their magic ride to new lives. They were headed to to Lawrence, KS with the help of two dedicated pilots.

Two Pups in their “tail gunner” crate.

The first leg went from Chattanooga, TN to Fredericktown, MO at the capable hands of Jim Carney.

Sam Taylor with retired TWA Captain Rudy Fick met the transport in Fredericktown and finished the trip to Lawrence.

Sam and Rudy loading up for their flight to KS.

Sam is in the book and video promo, Dog is My Copilot by Patrick Regan.

The five little pups were great passengers but they had one problem, at least one was very aromatic! However, they were so cute, Jim forgave the stinky one or two! Not sure if Sam encountered the same, ah, challenge.

CHA Wilson Air employee, LeeAnn and Traci with the Pups.

Special thanks goes to Joceyn Plein of KS, Traci Taylor and friend LeeAnn of Atlanta, GA. Traci and LeeAnn drove 3 hours to get the pups to Jim.

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2 Responses to “Aromatic Passengers”

  1. bravo to you wonderful people! heartwarming to see your good work, thankyou x

  2. thanks for your hard work!
    you are earning a place in a better place for helping innocent creatures!