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Mike Young saddled up for another PnP rescue flight. This time his collegiate dog wranglers were Sam, Noran, and Lindsey.

Two puppies and one sweet adult dog were on Death Row in a high-kill shelter in Roxboro, NC. With some dedicated folks working hard, the pups found new forever homes a few states to the north.

This trip was a bit rougher than normal for Mike and his crew. There was lots of red on the weather radar, indiciating heavy rain. Fortunately, it was just rain and no convective activity. They motored through some light chop and rain falling on them at 10,000.

Mike was supposed to meet the second pilot in the relay, Jack, at Cambridge, MD, but high crosswinds and a thunderstorm diverted him to Easton, MD, a mere 15 miles away. The entourrage was stuck at Easton with the dogs, while Jack and his Mooney was grounded at Cambridge for about 2 hours before the storms passed.

Subaru and Petmate are both instrumental in helping pilots and volunteers save so many deserving animals.

2 thoughts on “Detours”

  1. Amy Warren says:

    Bless all the wonderful people that help the helpless animals! What a wonderful idea to get these deserving animals a home, and they get to see the sights on the way!


  2. Mary Craft says:

    Bless your hearts. We’re all working so hard to get these animals out of the high kill shelters and get them to Foster or no kill shelters or even the best , a forever home. How do we go about becoming a member so we can do more?

    Mary Craft

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