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Emaciated Pointer Heading to TLC

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A call went out to help get an emaciated pointer from Dalton to a rescue in Durham. Seven pilots piped up to offer assistance, and the coordinator Doris massaged all the offers into two that would fit together.

Nicolas Chevalier and Tim Moreland combined efforts to get the pointer to some much needed TLC. This baby dog was a sweetheart, she settled comfortably in to Nic’s back seat and enjoyed the trip without a noise.

Tim adds:  All went well. ATC routed me around Charlotte so the trip took a little longer than expected, but Patricia and a friend were there to pick up Angel. I can’t tell you how sweet Angel is. She is going to make someone a very good buddy. After all she has been through she is happy and obviously high on life. She likes everyone. She was great on the trip. I put her in the baggage compartment to start. It’s very comfortable back there, but she wanted to be closer so she moved to the back seat. Chester was in the co-pilot seat (my PNP helper).

The two dogs got along famously. He liked her and she him. When we pulled up to TAC Air in Raleigh, they traded places. She wanted to come up front, and surprisingly Chester gave her his seat and got in back. She wanted to know what was going on and where we were. It was quite a trip. She is one of the very nicest dogs I have transported. She was #66 for me. I hope she gets a great home. She is so deserving. She truly is an “angel”. Thanks for letting me transport her, Caroline, and thanks, Nic for bringing her to Greenville.


Petmate and Subaru – Their assistance to our pilots and other volunteers is crucial to our success. 

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  1. Beth says:

    Which rescue in Durham did he go to?

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