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Live update from Charlotte: Over 300 dogs ready and waiting to be flown from kill shelters to no-kill shelters and forever homes

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Headed home to DC!

Pilots N Paws Pilots and rescue volunteers are on scene in North Carolina for what will be the largest animal rescue flyway in world history. We have about 115 pilots bringing over 300 dogs from kill shelters to no-kill shelters or areas where they will be adopted and find forever homes.

In just moments these 2 will be heading to their new homes in DC!

8 thoughts on “Live update from Charlotte: Over 300 dogs ready and waiting to be flown from kill shelters to no-kill shelters and forever homes”

  1. Pirkko Urvall says:

    Such wonderful news! Happy flight to all dogs!

  2. Elaine says:

    We are so excited! Five of our foster pups are waiting to be flown today. A Huge Thank You to the pilots and all the volunteers, rescue groups, and the shelters for caring about these dogs. We are so thrilled just knowing that they are on their way to their forever homes. Bless all of you and safe journeys to you all!

  3. 29201 says:

    Thank you! Me, along with several others in the greater Columbia, SC area, were up long before dawn so we could begin crating the many dogs from our area that were lucky enough to make the list to be moved to no kill shelters.

    Yes, we had a few mix-up, yes a few things went wrong, but we still worked as a team with the goal of finding homes for great dogs and one guinea pig.

    One of our Columbia, SC volunteers gave this to herself as a birthday gift. Happy birthday Eva and thank you for your friendship! Another of our team, a retired Amy veteran, showed up with only two hours of sleep as she’d just returned from a long, arduous recuse transfer for SQ Rescue. Thanks for your service to our county and to our dogs Lou!

    Then, the pesky side of Mother Nature entered the picture and hinted that flying might be less than ideal; we carried on with the “out fly the rain” race glaring at us. We won!

    And a very special and heart-felt thank you to the pilots, co-pilots, friends and family of the pilots! Although I have been active in animal rescue for years, I only learned of the hard, valuable work you do several days ago and my world is a better place knowing there are people like you in it.

    Lynn, who is off to take a nap with her three rescue dogs.

  4. carol says:

    what wonderful angels in the sky are
    these people

  5. Charlie Pardieck says:

    THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! May God bless you for doing the work of angels!! <3

  6. Priscilla Wille says:

    I’m in tears just thinking about how emotional this day must have been for everyone!!!
    Thanks to all involved,from the bottom of my heart! <3

  7. Lori McLain says:

    I live in Central VA, right by Petersburg. Our local paper, The Progreess-Index, ran an article about your organization’s flights to VA in today’s paper (Oct 1, 2012. I was not awate of your group & the work you do until reading that. I wanted to tell you about the coverage you got here & how absolutely fantastic I think your work & group are!!!

  8. jamesbrawner/roger cary says:

    If you ever have the opportunity to hav a dalmatian female on board and happen to be flying thru Memphis Tn, please let us know and we will take them off your hands and give them a home as if they were our children. Our Vets name is Dr. Cox at 662-895-4004 and he will vouch for us. We have raised deaf dals and have had dals for 23 years. Have our last one, Precious who is liver spotted 15 yrs old and deaf since birth. Lays by our bed and is treated as a queen. Please do not pass us up with any dals especially any who are deaf and will be put to sleep. Such a sad thing due to they are so loving and rely on you so much and give you love like no other dog could. We live 22 miles south of memphis on 9 acres. Will meet you in Memphis at airport if you ever need us to take a baby off your hands. Can’t seem to find any in this area and if there are any already needing a home, please do not pass us by.
    Roger Cary/James Brawner
    4353 hwy 178 west
    Red Banks Ms 38661
    can meet you atTupelo Ms airport to if you ever fly there and need to find a home for a dalmatian. Please keep us in mind and as always we are so very proud there are people like yourselves who give there time to dosuch a great thing. We are bothj retired so Dals would have 100% companionship and love at alll times

    Thanks again

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