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A Gaggle of Labrador Puppies

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Hailey with PNP copilot

Saturday’s rescue flight involved 13 Labrador puppies and Hailey, one very
sweet but tired Labrador mom who when pulled from the shelter, was half the
weight as seen in the photo. Six of the puppies were her own; amazingly, she
was acting as a surrogate to another 7 whose Mom had been run over by a car.
All were scheduled to be euthanized at the Rocky Mount-Wilson shelter before
they were pulled by New England Lab Rescue.

Puppies with airport staff

Rick Gutlon flew the first leg from Rocky Mount-Wilson (KRWI) to
Tappahannock, VA (KXSA) where he met pilot Pete Meyer for the transfer. Pete
was a real trooper and flew all the way to Danbury, CT (KDXR) before
returning to his home base in Maryland.

Q: How do you transfer all those puppies from one aircraft to the next, when
the crates first have to be broken down to get them out of the plane?

more puppies!!!

Confucius say: “Use old fashioned cardboard box and friendly staff from
airport office.”

14 thoughts on “A Gaggle of Labrador Puppies”

  1. Amie says:

    I LOVE what you do!!! I find myself un tears with every story. Do you ever deliver to the pacific northwest? I would love to rescue!!

  2. nancy says:

    beautiful puppies, thank you for your dedication to the animals

  3. Jean says:

    I bet the staff Luba that when they get to help out & hold the puppies!!
    Thanks for ALL u do!!

  4. Dorris Greenough says:

    thank you so much for what you do and good job Molly, you will find a loving home

  5. Donna Wiegle says:

    Thank you Pilots N Paws for the amazing work you do! I have been following this story on the New England Lab Rescue Facebook page. I adopted a lab from NELR in the spring and admire the good work they are doing. Now 13 puppies and mother dog Hailey will all be going to loving homes as the result of NELR and the help of Pilots N Paws! Keep up the good work!

  6. Johnny Gioeli says:

    I’m in Europe until next week….I can’t WAIT to get home so I can help all you guys save these precious babies…. I’m in!!

    Great JOB!!! Great reward!

    Johnny Gioeli
    Pilots N Paws Pilot

  7. Saffy Calico says:

    How adorable, a box and crate full of love. I hope they all find forever homes. You guys are terrific. I applaud all of you for your tireless efforts.

  8. Bruce Bullings says:

    Are they for adoption _ if so let me know.

  9. Carol says:

    This is a fantastic story, with an amazing path. Thank you to all the pilots who transport these animals, and the people that make it happen along the way. I am truly an animal lover (I have my own zoo at home) and the story I read in Women’s World magazine today about your organization brought tears to my eyes. It amazes me people do the things they do to their own pets, but thanks to an organization like this, some are saved and get to live happy the rest of their lives. Whoot, whoot!!

  10. Michele P. says:

    I think it is just great what you are doing to help these loving animals. I really want to start to foster. I don’t have a fenced yard but hopefully I can afford a kennel soon.

  11. Michele Kammerzell says:

    Heard about your Great efforts in saving animals… Love, Love, Love it.. you are amazing.. I had to put down my 2 friends this summer.. Do you ever have adoptions available???? Love the Lab puppies on your site…

  12. julie griffith says:

    would love one of the labs but im in coventry uk would i be able to adopt one here and how much keep up the good work xx

  13. Elaine Reilly says:

    My son, Pete Merski, is one of the pilots who flies the pups. One such rescue was a dog given up by a military wife. Her husband after returning home from the Middle East, did not like the dog and said get rid of it. It had kept her company during that long deployment. The dog found a home with my granddaughter, Pete’s daughter, and she named him Gizmo. The name fit the pup well with his wire-haired appearance and love of dancing.

  14. Aurea Vega says:

    I am one of the lucky recipients of one of those puppies. I cannot tell you how much I admire what your orgnanization does. I know where my next donation is going :).

    Thanks for ALL you do.

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