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A Short Trip by Plane to Catch a Long Trip by Car

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This time the call came out for a young Australian Shepherd, Paige, trying to make her way west from Houston, TX. She is hearing and visually impaired, but can still see and hear some, and was as sweet as could be.  She will be receiving special training to help her grow into a great companion.

The rescue moved her from Houston to Waco by ground so that she didn’t get stranded on the Gulf Coast when Isaac moved ashore. Another planned ground transport had room for her all the way to Albuquerque, NM, but she needed to get her to Odessa, TX from Waco just two days after the post. There aren’t a lot of volunteers in that stretch of Texas anyway, and this had to be filled on a weekday, making it even more difficult.

Tanya Card saw the post and offered to make part of the trip to San Angelo. Odessa was just too far to make a round trip after work. It was a long shot, but perhaps there was a west Texas pilot that needed an excuse to take a Friday night cruise and also just couldn’t make a round trip that part of the day. Joan, the rescue coordinator, jumped on that offer and went to work to cover the two legs by car needed to get Paige from San Angelo to Odessa. With the worst part of the trip covered by air, she had two drivers in a matter of hours.

A future rescuer and pilot?

An empty seat is a sad thing to see, so Tanya brought along a friend’s daughter. They even fostered Paige for a few hours to help make the transfer go smoothly. Paige had a lot more hours in a car waiting for her, but she was at least able to make that ground transport with the help of a PnP pilot instead of having to wait it out for the next one. Even small trips on the part of a pilot can make a significant difference.

Thanks to Petmate and Subaru for sponsoring our efforts to save our animal friends.