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English Pointers Molly and Bob Retire in Missouri

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English Pointers Molly and Bob, both senior dogs at 14 years of age, were great on the Pilots N Paws flight from Nashville to Festus, MO (close to St Louis, MO) requested by Lisa of the Illinois Birddog Rescue. They were very close to being PTS after they were dumped by their owner. Now, they will live out the rest of their lives in retirement.

Molly and Bob in-flight.

Thanks goes to all who helped save the Pointers including Illinois Bird Dog Resue and Kati who provided the forever Missouri Retirement Home.

Kati with the Pointers at the Festus, MO Airport.

Also, a very special thanks goes to Lorene of K9 Pathways at Nashville, TN. She helped find ground transport from Rome, GA to Nashville. Tiffany and Baby Son Liam brought them to me at Nashville Tune Airport. Rebecca and Hhsband Stan helped load the pointers.

Two very lucky Dogs!!

Jim Carney
Pilot PNP – TN