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Joining the Hero Ranks

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Donna Kraan, another special volunteer in rescue, sent the following story.

I just wanted to make you aware of a true Pilots N Paws hero! Paul Cox!

I posted an impassioned plea on PNP’s website on a Wednesday, asking if someone could help, after I had received a heart wrenching email from a very good rescue friend of mine. This is what I had posted:

I am praying that someone out there can help with this unusual and heartbreaking situation. I received an email plea today from a rescue friend, desperate to help a wonderful person who was caught in a very bad situation be re-united with her beloved dogs before it’s too late! This is the email that I received:

“Okay…sad story….I know this is probably impossible but I have to ask…well beg…..(name removed) left North Carolina and an abusive husband. She is in Ohio now trying to start over. She is literally living with no furniture at the moment. Her two elderly dogs (16 and 14) were left in boarding until she could figure something out. They (the boarding kennel) have contacted her and told her that they are now full and she needs to get them out. She doesn’t have the money to get them here, and they are too elderly to handle a long land transport. This woman truly deserves a random act of kindness in return for her gracious spirit. She is a certified special olympics training coach in NC, and the one thing she wants more than anything is to get her dogs back with her. The one dog is not doing well being away from her, and I’m not even sure it will survive much longer. Could you see if you could see if a PNP flight could happen to make a wonderful woman’s life much sweeter, and in turn those dogs that love her, their final time not thinking they were abandoned?”

So, I am FERVENTLY PRAYING that one of you wonderful, selfless, flying angels will be able to help us to help this woman re-unite with her beloved dogs before it’s too late! We can arrange for them to be taken to Raleigh, NC airport, and we would need them flown to Akron, Ohio to be with their “mom” who misses them so desperately, and they her!

Is there any way that one of you wonderful pilots out there could help us to help this little family?

Well, it didn’t take long before a wonderful pilot, Paul Cox wrote back and said that he would be willing to help on Saturday.

In my opinion, as well as in the opinion of everyone who was involved in this, this man is a true modern day hero. We hope that you can help us to honor him and the wonderful and caring thing that he did on the PNP website.

Thank you and the entire PNP organization, for all of the wonderful things that you all do!!

One thought on “Joining the Hero Ranks”

  1. Cindy Kamberelis says:

    Thank you for your mindful generosity. This world is sweetened by people who step up to support others like you did. Goodness is precious. It’s also contagious, thankfully.

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