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Old friends, Arty and Bennett, Retire to Tennessee

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The story of Arty & Bennett as shared with us by animal rescuers Zina and Michael Goodin.


Hi Pilots N Paws, we first heard about a senior (10-12 year old) Pom Mix, Arty, who needed rescue on September 20. This adorable little guy was in danger and in need of a way out of Hammond Animal Control. We agreed to take him into our program.  Next day, we found out, Arty had a friend who also needed a way out. We pondered on it a bit and decided that we would take him too. This was Bennett, a little old (13 years) Yorkie mix who also needed a retirement home. He was coming with Arty….


They were coming from Hammond, IN (not far from Chicago) to Mount Juliet, TN a seven hour drive, but we would somehow get them here….We discussed transports, and last weekend, Penny told us that the little guys were going to be flown in!

Pilots N Paws to the rescue!

Pilot Tom and his daughter Chandi volunteered to bring the boys from Columbus IN to Lebanon, TN (a few miles from Mount Juliet). To get the boys from the shelter to Columbus was a three hour drive early this morning which was done by Penny and Brigit. There were lots of dedicated folks involved in this transport!

When the plane landed, the first thing that we saw was little Bennett sitting on Chandi’s lap looking perky and happy. Arty took the trip in the backseat in his kennel. Both flew very well…

The afternoon was filled with walks and arranging. We separated the boys for tonight but will start to work them into the rest of the OFSDS family tomorrow. They both walked very well on a leash and get along well with one another. They had a good dinner and off to bed. Enough for one day…..

We are looking for forever placements for both of these boys. They are so sweet and adorable. We don’t think that it will take long for someone to fall in love with them. If they don’t find another forever home, they have one here at Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary.

Thank you so much to Pilots N Paws for bringing these two sweet seniors to us. You are a wonderful organization and we are happy to know about you. We hope to be able to work with you again soon.

Best Wishes to all of you,

Zina and Michael Goodin

Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary

We do not concern ourselves with the quantity of time that they have left, rather the quality of the life that we can provide them for that time.