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Susan Scoops Up 22

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Alabama transport coodinator Rebecca Harshman had 22 dogs in Alabama all set to go for the Dog is My Copilot flyway. As Jeff Bennett was doing his planning, he mentioned some dogs in Alabama that could be driven to north Florida and picked up from there.

Susan Delgado came up with another plan. She offered to miss the excitement and ground event in Charlotte and fly to Greenville, AL, pick up her load, and take them to Lakeland, FL. The pickup location saved the Alabama rescue from having to get the dogs to Charlotte so that they could be flown to Florida. It worked out really well and saved a bunch of dogs.

The original plan was for 14 dogs. Well, she took the “Jeff approach” and squeezed in 22 to save as many as possible even if was a little cramped for 2.5 hours of flight time.

The one missing an eye has a story, but with all the bustle some of the details were missed. Memory says it was found on the side of the road with the eye hanging out but still trying to survive. A life saved even though the eye socket is now closed.

The two brown/white pups gave Susan tons of kisses. They had mange but were responding to the meds. ┬áSome moms of the pups couldn’t come but will join them next week.

None of this would be possible without our terrific sponsors – Petmate and Subaru.


8 thoughts on “Susan Scoops Up 22”

  1. Carri says:

    YOU Rock!! thanks for saving all the pups! Especially the guy with the missing eye!! He needs a chance to survive!! :)

    God bless you in your travels!

  2. Kelly says:

    Thank you for all you do! We are brand new although many of us are veterans of rescue and may have to call upon you at some point. I just want to say… Thanks in advance.

    Kelly Arsenault

  3. Sue Kelley says:

    Can’t thank you folks enough for all you do for the animals! Safe travels!

  4. Katherine Adams says:

    Job well done Susan. Those of us on the ground applaud you and are grateful to you as are the little ones you transported.

  5. Vi & Earl Day says:

    Way to go Susan. Very proud of you for all the help & time you have given to save those wonderful puppies & dogs. Keep up the good work!

  6. Mary Pat says:

    Way to go Susan!!!!!!!!!

  7. Mary Pat says:

    Great Job, Susan. Know how we all love those pups. Know Mom and Dad are proud of you.

  8. Hello Susan,
    I think you transported a dog previously for me. We met at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. Jeff Bennett told me to contact you regarding my situation. He said he would fly a dog I adopted to a guy who moved to
    Key West and just dumped my dog with heartworms in the shelter there. I want to get him back to Atlanta and Jeff said he would fly him to Marianna and that perhaps
    you may be able to help me out from there. I am not sure you will receive this but if you do please call me at 404-725-1987 or email me at harriett.patterson@att.net
    thank you so much.

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