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Three Trips

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Mark Reyner, his wife, and their trusty Piper have helped lots of dogs over the years reach destinations that would be their salvation. They are a couple of the PnP volunteers that help rescues make a bigger impact.

September 26th found Mark Reyner and his wife transporting Chee from Sundance Airport in Moriarity NM to Oklahoma City, OK. From there, he traveled several more legs ending up in the Carolinas for the Dog Is My Copilot Flyaway.

On Sept 2nd, The duo took Mia, a Blood hound, to Lubbock, TX as part of a transport to Austin, TX and her furever home. On the return leg, they came back with Forest, another Blood Hound. Forest was a big boy, and it was a toss up whether to load him in the truck or ride him home. He is now out of the kill shelter and in foster care.

They Reyner’s even introduced the world of planes and rescue to a foreign exchange student, Matthias from Germany. That filght brought two Basset Hounds from a kill shelter to All Ears Basset Sanctuary to live out a happy live at sanctuary near Golden, NM.

2 thoughts on “Three Trips”

  1. Dave Sarver says:

    Matt was my exchange “son” for almost a year and has again returned to spend his last summer with me. He was always anxious to go along with me on adoptions and transport, especially when it involved aircraft. Pilots and Paws are such a valuable part of our rescue efforts! Over the years, they have stepped in an filled holes that, had they not, the transport would not have taken place. You folks are rescue’s “God send” I cannot tell you enough how much your services are appreciated and even more important, needed in these tough times.

  2. Patsy Popa says:

    I am humbled and grateful for your help to rescue Chee! I realize it took about 10 people to coordinate Chee’s rescue from his more remote location in Arizona to his forever home here in NC.

    The pictures that you provided during Chee’s journey with you were awesome and provided great comfort for me.

    I shared the details of Chee’s journey as it happened with friends and family through Facebook. The heart to help and the precision of how the logistics are implemented is amazing to everyone. I’ve created his own Facebook page so that folks can track his new life.

    There are at least 11 people (Helen, Joan, Mark and his wife, Dave, Dee, Sue, Rick, Carolyn and Sam and his wife) from Pilots and Paws that Bear and Pepper, my other dogs (both rescues) Tuffy (the 9 pound cat who owns us all) and I thank you for helping to bring us Chee!

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