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Amato’s New Lease

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Kriss made his first PnP flight and brought along his daughter Abigail.  They logged 6 hours on their trip from Pueblo, CO (KPUB) to Ruidoso, NM (KSRR) and back.  The mission was crucial to bring an abused pit bull for much needed medical attention and to a caring foster home.

Amato’s story from A Media Release from the Artesia Police Department, Abused Dog Recovering, Information Sought:

A one year old dog found in the 1200 block of Washington is doing well after he was found with severe injuries. The American pit-bull terrier was found with fresh puncture wounds on his face, a torn tear duct, a torn eyelid, bitten off ears and an unprofessionally amputated right rear foot. He was taken into Artesia Animal Control custody in mid October. After being  professionally treated at local veterinarian clinics, Amato is now living in foster care in central Colorado.

Investigators and animal care specialists believe Amato was involved in a dog fighting ring somehow because of the wounds he was suffering from. People who train dogs to fight commit such acts as making one dog weaker than another in order to train a certain dog to act aggressively. This is often referred to as a bait dog. These are criminal acts and are punishable under New Mexico state statute.

Not only do dog fighting rings involve crimes such as cruelty to, and neglect of animals, but they also may involve gambling, prostitution, domestic violence, drug use and underage drinking. Property crimes are also involved when dogs are stolen from peoples’ yards in order to use them in the rings. These crimes also affect the safety of the community when dogs that are trained to act aggressively get loose.

The chances of successfully prosecuting Amato’s abuser are slim. However, concerned citizens can help by considering supplying reliable information to local law enforcement entities concerning animal abuse or neglect and animal fighting rings. If a citizen wishes to report these types of crimes they can call 575-616- 7155 and have an animal control officer dispatched who will take the information and convert it to law enforcement use.

While there are cruel folks that commit such horrible acts, they are offset by others that go over and above to care for these creatures.  Ellen, Amato’s foster mom in Colorado,  is one the special people making sure he gets back on the road to healing.

Amato has had his first vet visits.  He is doing remarkable for what he’s been through and has a good prognosis.  His stump was cleaned and dressed with a foam-padded cup at its core to hold & support it, and then he had his eye wound and edge of his severed ear cleaned. An orthopedic surgeon will do a surgical revision (re-amputation) of the stump. At that time, the surgeon will pull a skin flap over the end of the stump to create a healthy surface upon which to bear weight. Once its healed, Amato can be outfitted with a prosthetic. This is an expensive project, so if anyone wants to contribute to the cost, you can help here by donating.  Please remember to put Amato Bait Dog on your donation

Amato is strong and energetic, building on the healthy foundation he was lovingly provided down in Artesia, NM. Amato was in surprisingly good shape when he arrived in Colorado – compared to his condition in the photos when Artesia Animal Control picked him up.



He actually runs well on three legs, only occasionally using the 4th for steadying . His appetite is great and he gets along well with the other dogs. At night, he sleeps peacefully on a bed on the floor of Ellen’s room. When he’s awake, he rarely lets her out of his sight – following her up & down stairs and in & out of rooms. Both veterinarians think Amato is generally healthy, young, and handsome!

We all wish you luck, Amato!


3 thoughts on “Amato’s New Lease”

  1. Maria says:

    What a heart wrenching sad story of cruelty beyond belief-with a wonderful outcome for such a beautiful dog of having found a loving and caring foster home.I hope Super Dooper Cooper will be able to stay forever with his loving foster family now that he has found the peace,care, comfort and veterinary attention that he deserves and needs. What a wonderful team work of recuers ! Wishing you a happiness Cooper for the rest of your life, from Maria and my canine pack in Finland.

  2. Maria says:

    I just noticed that my comment jumped from a different story. My comment was meant for Amato !

  3. Natasha says:

    God Bless you all for doing what you do. Glad to see this kind of compassion coming out of central CO. Makes me proud that I call this place home.

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