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Broken Leg and Broken Plane

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Taylor is a 1 yr. old Boston Terrier who had been hit by a car and had a broken leg. He had to wait in a north Florida shelter 7 days until owner claim time was up. He was picked up from the shelter and brought to a vet in Tallahassee who determined that he needed an orthopedic surgeon, so he stabilized his broken tibia in preparation for surgery. Carolyn Sanislo with Boston Terrier Rescue of Florida stepped up and arranged for his surgery, and the PNP flight was scheduled for Tuesday morning. Taylor was transported to the Tallahassee airport by Marsha Cantrell and met by Eric Whiteside (pilot) and his son, Patrick.

The plane had engine problems and was forced to land in Cross City. Eric and his son knew how important it was to get Taylor to his surgery appointment but because of several huge sports activities being held in the area, no rental cars were available. After much persistence, he located a rental car 150 miles away at 8:00 PM that night, so they drove Taylor thru the night and got him to Carolyn in Delray Beach at 2:00 AM and still had another hour’s drive to Miami to get home.

If not for the dedication and compassion of everyone involved, this little Boston boy could not have gotten to his much needed surgical appointment, so we’d like to say a special heartfelt “Thank You” to Eric Whiteside, Patrick, Marsha Cantrell and Carolyn Sanislo for making this happen for this special Boston boy!

Sue Bruce

2 thoughts on “Broken Leg and Broken Plane”

  1. DeEtte says:

    Eric & Patrick,
    your determination and dedication are so inspiring and compassionate, its individuals like you that make believe that there is indeed goodness and selflessness in this country!

    thank you from the bottom of my heart for your flying and rescues!

  2. Lois says:

    PNP thank you for all you do for the animals. There has to be a special place in Heaven for all folks who go out of their way to help all kinds of animals in need. Taylor is one lucky dog.

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