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Camp Lejeune Marine’s dog and her puppies fly to new life

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Published: November 04, 2012

NBC 17

Roxie and her puppies


A mother dog and her litter of seven puppies flew from Raleigh to new lives in New Hampshire Sunday thanks to North Carolina animal lovers and volunteer pilots.

Kathy Hynes, a teacher from Raeford, learned from the Carolina Animal Protection Society (CAPS) in Jacksonville, N.C. that the dogs needed new homes. She says their master was a Marine who returned from overseas to Camp Lejeune to learn that this wife was leaving him and that his beloved dog, Roxie, was pregnant. In fact he came home one morning as Roxie was giving birth to a litter of seven.

To add to the Marine’s problems, he’s being deployed again and he knew he couldn’t care for Roxie and the puppies. That’s when he contacted CAPS.

Kathy Hynes and Dr. Donoghue prepare Roxie

CAPS called Hynes who has saved dogs before with the help of Friends of the Manchester Animal Shelter in Manchester, N.H.

The New Hampshire shelter had room for the dogs, if Hynes could get them there.

That’s when Hynes got in touch with Pilots N Paws, a group of pilots who volunteer their airplanes, time and fuel to transport dogs to distant locations.

Kathy Hynes, Dr. Brian Donoghue and Roxie

Dr. Brian Donoghue, an emergency room physician at Rex Hospital in Raleigh, is a member of that group and agreed to help ferry Roxie and family to New Hampshire.

Sunday morning Dr. Donoghue and Kathy loaded Roxie and her puppies into his Cessna and flew to Annapolis, Md., where another Pilots N Paws member picked them up and flew them to New Hampshire.

Hynes said Sunday night the dog family has arrived safely in New Hampshire where the shelter will make sure they’re spayed and neutered and will see to it that they’re adopted out to loving homes.

Roxie’s ready to fly

Journey Ewell at the New Hampshire shelter said the dog family arrived safely Sunday night. Roxie and the puppies will move in with a foster family until the puppies are eight weeks old when they’ll be neutered and offered for adoption. Roxie will also be neutered and adopted out.

Dr. Donoghue holding one of the puppies as he flies them to the start of their new lives

6 thoughts on “Camp Lejeune Marine’s dog and her puppies fly to new life”

  1. Natalie says:

    Pilots N Paws is awesome! They just took a dog from the pound here in Jacksonville, NC. (Camp Lejeune also) To Florida for her new lease on life. She had bit a guy that was trying to kick her so the rescues would not take her because she bit somebody. We were able to line up a Foster home in Florida and an awesome pilot from Pilots N Paws volunteered to take her on the flight last Saturday. (11-3-12)

  2. shelley says:

    god bless and thank you to roxie’s dad for serving and i am sure Roxie and her babies will get loving homes, must of been a horrible decisions to give them up

  3. Sam Rainwater says:

    My name is Sam Rainwater and I am the owner of “My Best Friend Pet Cemetery” in Monroe, LA. I am very interested in learning how I can become active in the Pilots N Paws organization. Is there a unit anywhere near Monroe and if not, where is the closest one. It would be a great honor to help with the pets that are re-located. I look forward to your response. My email is masbed@yahoo.com

  4. Becky Soule says:

    OMG! puppy love :)
    my 11 yo lab Daphne would be sooo
    jealous :o/
    I still want one

  5. julie says:

    My friend is looking to adopt a lab we were just talking about it over the weekend I will keep my eyes posted so when they’re ready what a great rescue thank you for serving!! Xo

  6. Lisa says:

    I live in Maine..I am a home owner I will be honest I want a golden..however a lab will fit my lifestyle if it is the right one..remember they pick the master ..sent with love Lisa

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