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Houdini is Not a Fan of Crates

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Pilot Arlen Stauffer and Brenda flew 5 dogs from Florence, SC to Clearwater, FL on their way to find loving homes.

“Ricky” came from Greenville Animal Care Services and was in his crate for no more than about the first 15 minutes of the flight. Arlen unexpectedly felt a little cold nose on his right elbow right after leveling off at 8000 feet. He was SURE he had closed all the crate doors! Well, there he stood, looking up at Arlen. He was fine, and he decided to just lay down right behind Brenda’s seat part of the time and sit on her lap part of the time, and he was pretty content and quiet the whole trip. Ricky has a new nickname “Houdini”.

Brenda wanted to bring those 2 little black furballs home, but fortunately for Arlen, they had homes waiting in Tampa!

After all the affection pets have shown us, they deserve some in return. Subaru and Petmate are helping PnP provide that love and attention to our animal friends.

2 thoughts on “Houdini is Not a Fan of Crates”

  1. patricia elliott says:

    Sounds like “Houdini” was a happy boy just being close to humans. I don’t care for crates either.

  2. Jennifer Wochna says:

    Looks like “Houdini” is pretty thankful!

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