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Pilots N Paws, Subaru and Friends Honor Military Working Dogs for the First Time in History!~

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November 11, 2012 was a day to be remembered and chronicled as a unique day in the history of Military Working Dogs. Our sincere thanks to the multitude of people and businesses who came together to assist us with honoring our Military Working Dogs for the very first time in history during the 2012 NYC Veterans Day Parade.  Your support made it possible for us to recognize our veterans of the past, both two legged and those with paws, along with our current Military working dogs and their handlers.

Subaru of America partnered with Pilots N Paws for this event and as always, we could not be more proud to stand beside you. Your support is changing lives. The Pilot Mall was an important partner with Pilots N Paws as well, providing the miniature planes for this incredible float.

Communities come together when a common desire to honor our veterans is proposed.  This display of gracious support was shown by many people and companies coming together to donate their time and resources  Our sincere thanks to:

 Linda Blick Tails of Hope Foundation and her “YAP” (Youth Ambassador Program)  volunteers, Gay Ann Wayne, Ray Carlisle United Doberman Club, Patty Mauro ,  Blue Star Mom Peg Mockler, Dorothy Mauro (K9 treats), George and Kerry Degiovanni, Jr.Womens’ League, Mark Eisen, Park Ridge Volunteer Firemen’s Association, Pasock Jr. Women’s Club, Paul Chayt, Stefanie Tully, Tammy and Matt Levinson, Women’s Club of Westwood, Broadway Joes.

It is with profound gratitude that we thank those who worked tirelessly to make this day in history come to fruition.  Our Military Working Dogs save countless lives and are true veterans who are now honored as such.

Photo credits Gay Ann Wayne and Debi Boies

5 thoughts on “Pilots N Paws, Subaru and Friends Honor Military Working Dogs for the First Time in History!~”

  1. Anita says:

    I donate to these people with big hearts for our Pets… Please donate 5 or 10 dollars, anything helps and it can add up quick with such a small donation.

  2. Donna Corbo says:

    What an awesome tribute. As a wife and mother of military veterans, and mom to doberman and rottweiler furry kids, just looking at these pictures warmed my heart. A big shout out to all those who made this parade a success.

  3. Agilrot says:

    Thanks to all the great sponsors and to Linda, Gay, and Ray for making this event happen. I was honored to be a re-enactor for this historic event and afforded the opportunity to honor all of our past and present veterans. We thank them for all they to do to keep us free!!!

  4. Debra Radford-Boehmer says:

    Thank you Pilot and Paws for being HERO’S…. That is truly what you are… HERO’S saving and helping these beautiful companions.
    Love you and praying for your safe travels…(((HUGS)))

  5. cheryl mcGee says:

    My heart is full of love and appreciatin, not just to our Hero K9’s but to all the wonderful and loving people that made this historic event possible. Now I thnk I will just go and hug my Dobes.

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