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Holiday Adoption: Shana Finds A New Home

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Thank you Cheryl from New England Lab Rescue For Sharing This wonderful story with us. We’re so glad that our pilots were able to fly Shana to her new home. 481439_541703662526506_648937544_n

Adopted: Shana! We are thrilled to announce that after all her puppies were adopted, Shana is also now in her new home with her Mom & Dad, Patty & Robert. Shana has had such an incredible journey. She found herself pregnant and in a high kill shelter, where she gave birth to 7 puppies, shortly after arriving there. That in and of itself was an automatic death sentence, as this shelter does not all

ow nursing Moms and puppies…they are normally immediately all put down per shelter policy. However Shana and her puppies have had angels in their lives the whole step of the way. Instead of alerting shelter management, the volunteers hid Shana and her puppies in a back room, and their fosters, Megan and her husband Ronan, rushed immediately to the shelter the next morning…in fact it was Ronan’s birthday that day. If not for this act of incredible kindness, generosity, and the willingness to foster 7 puppies and their Mom, Shana and her puppies would not be alive today…their miracle started here, with shelter volunteers who desperately worked to give them a chance at life, and an incredible couple who dropped everything to help.Shana and the puppies stayed with Megan and her family for the next few weeks, lovingly caring for all of them, and in the process, finding out what a love Shana was and just how much she enjoyed being with people. From here, another organization became the next series of angels along the way, the wonderful Pilots N Paws all volunteer organization of pilots, who flew Shana and her pups up to Maine, using a chain of pilots to get them all the way up here over the course of two days (including one pilot and his wife who cared for Shana and the puppies overnight, until the flights could resume the next morning.) Many many people showed up at the airport that day to welcome Shana and her puppies to Maine, and to thank the PNPs pilots…it was one of the most beautiful things many of us who volunteer with NELR had ever seen…completely heartwarming. For anyone who has not seen them, there are many photos of this day in one of the photo albums on our photo wall.From here, the next angels stepped in to Shana and her puppies lives…their foster Mom, Diane and her entire family. This family was incredible, and although it was a massive effort to care for so many puppies and their Mom at once, especially as the puppies started to become mobile…Diane and her family were complete rock stars…even more so, because this was their very first fostering experience! Most people are nervous with a single first foster, and they took on this entire family of puppies and Shana without a moments hesitation. Not only did they love Shana and her pups as their own, but they socialized the puppies so well, that each and every puppy adopter commented on what a wonderful job they did.Once the puppies were old enough, they were all adopted to great families, and it was then Shana’s turn. In stepped Robert & Patty, and Robert’s adult children, who helped him put in an application for Shana, as he doesn’t have a computer. Working with Robert and his daughter Lu was wonderful. What a nice family they are, and after losing his last dog to cancer, Robert saw Shana’s photo and knew she was meant to be with him…he kept her photo on his refrigerator for weeks, until she was ready to be adopted. I remember vividly one comment Robert made…actually a correction to a comment I made to him over the phone, and it still makes me smile. We were discussing the fact that Shana at that time wasn’t being particularly friendly with other dogs, and we weren’t sure if that was just because her puppies were still there, or if she just wasn’t dog friendly. Knowing Robert’s whole family had dogs, I had said, well maybe if any family members bring their dogs to your house to visit, Shana can just go into her crate or a spare bedroom while they are visiting…Robert’s response, was, no you have that backwards, this will be Shana’s home, visiting dogs can go into a crate or bedroom if they come to visit :-)

Shana arrived into Robert & Patty’s loving arms a week ago. It was a very long trip to get there, and Robert’s daughters formed the chain of drivers needed to get her to him. As is so often the case it seems, Robert needed Shana just as much as Shana needed her forever home. Without breaching privacy too much, Shana’s new Mom is suffering from an illness, which requires frequent trips to the doctors and hospital. However, since Shana’s arrival, both Robert and Patty have been smiling a whole bunch more…dogs are so often the very best medicine. We wish Patty well in her fight against her illness.

To each and every person who played a role in Shana’s journey, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Job very well done by everyone, and this huge mission is now complete :-) Shana and all her puppies have loving homes. Welcome Home Shana, we wish you and your new Mom & Dad much happiness and joy! ~Cheryl