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A Homeless, Injured Beagle’s Christmas Story

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DSC_0026Somehow, I found myself along a very busy interstate near Jackson, TN when this car hit me. I was hurt pretty bad.  The car didn’t stop, but a good Samaritan Driver saw what happened and turned around to help. They took me to a vet in Jackson, and Thank God, I did not have any broken bones, just scrapes and a pulled tendon in one of my rear legs. Now the bad news, the Vet sent me to the local shelter which is high kill. Thankfully, I was found by a rescue group and pulled from the shelter.

Kim, Carrie, and Whitney went to work and found a Beagle Rescue in Benton, AR, Just Us Beagles and Friends, that would take me in.  The rescue is founded and operated by Evelyn and Art Taylor.  I asked, how do I get to Benton, AR when it is over 200 miles away?? Carrie told me about this group of Airplane Pilots called Pilots N Paws. She told me she would see if she could find one who would give me a lift to Arkansas.

Kim posted my request for transport on the Pilots N Paws Web forum, and one Pilot they call Uncle Jim said he would be glad to help me. My ride was set up for Saturday. Whitney and her brother Austin drove me out to the Jackson Airport to meet Uncle Jim. We took some pictures by his plane, and I said “good bye” to Whitney.  Uncle Jim carefully loaded me in the back seat of his plane, and we took off for Benton, AR. Since I had never been in a plane before, I was fascinated by the view. I could see for miles, but soon the sound of the engines lulled me to sleep. I slept like a new puppy, but soon, I sensed we were starting down for our landing in AR.

Whitney and brother Austin, Jackson Airport, TN.

Whitney and brother Austin, Jackson Airport, TN.

When we parked the Plane, I could see out the window my new foster family Evelyn and Art. With them, was a reporter from the local newspaper who wanted to hear my Christmas Story. After we took more pictures by Uncle Jim’s Plane, Uncle Jim and I said our ‘Good Byes” and he started the engines and departed for home. I owe my life to so many Humans, the good Samaritan Driver, the Vet, The Animal Shelter, Carrie, Kim, Whitney, Pilots N Paws Pilot Uncle Jim, and Evelyn and Art Taylor.

Art and Evelyn in AR.

Art and Evelyn in AR.

Now for the REAL GOOD PART of my Christmas Story. The folks who rescued me, since this is the Christmas Season, gave me a new name. I’m now called, Noel.

All of my new Human Friends have just given me the best Christmas Gift of all, my life!! For that, I THANK YOU from the bottom of my Beagle Heart!!

Merry Christmas everyone and to all,
Good night,
Beagle Girl Noel

6 thoughts on “A Homeless, Injured Beagle’s Christmas Story”

  1. Jody Reed says:

    Brings tears of joy I am so happy for Noel and wish him the best!!!!!! What a great group of people. Thanks so much.

  2. Tricia says:

    Welcome Home Sweet Noel!!!

    God Bless everyone who helped this sweet baby find a home!!

  3. Terrie Varnado says:

    What a wonderful story!
    Thank you to all who took the time to give this precious girl a second chance at life and love!
    Tis the season to show love…and you are greatly appreciated!
    Terrie V.
    Hammond, LA
    Animal Rescue coordinator

  4. Don Hull says:

    What a heartwarming story! I met “Uncle Jim” on a connecting flight back in September. He’s the kind of pilot we all should be!

  5. Cheryl Robertson says:

    God bless you sweet Noel. Thank you to everyone who made sure this sweet girl was given a chance to know love.

  6. Victoria Weinstein says:

    Noel, you know what? Beagles are angels and that’s why everyone must be so happy to have the chance to help you. And Art and Evelyn are so lucky to have you as their beagle baby. We love you!

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