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Christmas Came Early for Mama and Her 4 Babies

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Knightly Ann was relinquished to the Pender County Animal Control facility in Burgaw, NC as an animal cruelty case. She had only a piece of sheet metal for shelter, was chained to a concrete bench, and there was never any inclining of food or water for her. Right after she was brought into Animal Control, she had babies. It was a miracle in a way, because who knows what would have happened to her babies in her previous situation.


Knightly Ann is very, very special to many of the Pender County Animal Control volunteers. Everyone was working so hard to get her and her babies rescued, and it was imperative to get them out of the shelter as quickly as possible. Tennessee Death Row Dog Rescue, Inc. stepped up and offered a space for them, but the heartbreaking challenge was getting them from NC to the TN group.

Jason speaking with Cindy of Half-Way Home Canine RescueInc

Jason speaking with Cindy of Half-Way Home Canine Rescue, Inc.

That’s when pilots Jason Dagenhart (out of Jacksonville, NC – KOAJ) and Christophe Masiero (out of Lancaster, SC – KLKR) saved the day…and their lives. They offered to fly this family from NC to TN. With this, the familiy was rushed to temporary fostering at Half-Way Home Canine Rescue, Inc., and their very special journey began.


Janeen Reynolds of Tennessee Death Row Dog Rescue and Christophe Masiero at Gallatin, TN (M33)

Jason and Christophe saved five lives. Without their help, this family would have never made it out of the shelter. Thanks to these guys for their wonderful contribution and kindness! They are making a wonderful difference!

Pender County Animal Control Volunteer
Burgaw, NC