Christmas Cheer Home For The Holidays

Cheer2 12-24-12

Dog Rescue, Christmas “Cheer.” This is a very touching story. Charlie and co-pilot Bob flew the last leg of a rescue flight for PilotsNPaws, delivering a very special Christmas gift named Cheer to her new family. She is an adorable, seven month old Jack Russell Terrier. Sweet!

Cheer4 12-24-12


Howe and Tim with their dogs, Dutch and Kip, welcome Cheer into their family.


Cheer3 12-24-12

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3 Responses to “Christmas Cheer Home For The Holidays”

  1. Hi. So sorry this is the wrong link to the video. I had to correct the date and through the correction the URL to Cheer’s rescue changed. Here is the correct link if anyone is interested: (There have been people trying to share this and the “video removed” message comes up).

  2. Thanks so much for fixing the link! I can’t wait to make more of the heartwarming videos to help spread the joy, the word and create awareness. Happy New Year!- Ellen

  3. What A Guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)