Coon Hound Finds Room in Michigan

Coon Hound Finds Room in Michigan

A female coon hound with some facial nerve paralysis, aptly called Bad Eye, needed to hitch a ride for a long cross country journey. Jason Dagenhart, along with co-pilot Thomas Plamer, flew her from Elizabethtown, NC to Parkerburg, WV.

Jason and Thomas with Bad Eye

In Parkerbury, Bad Eye made her connection to meet up with the Sips who flew her to the final destination of Midland, MI.

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2 Responses to “Coon Hound Finds Room in Michigan”

  1. welcome to Midland, Pup!!!

  2. nancy swanstrom 17. Dec, 2012 at 3:02 am

    Hi… i love what u do!
    I have RA and someday i hope to find a therapy dog to carry my purse & meds & is friendly to my cats and grandkids… . so i really do appreciate what h do to match up pups and peps
    God bless… & i be prayn 4 u
    Plz let me k.ow u get mh email