Disabled Beagle Jake is now a Texan

Disabled Beagle Jake is now a Texan

Jake was found along I40 in Jackson, TN and taken to the local shelter. He was unable to use his back legs. Carrie Bowman pulled him from the shelter and found Jake his forever home in San Angelo, TX.

Jake relaxing with his toy.

Fellow PNP Pilot Wade Roberts PNP Pilot Jim Carney teamed up to fly Jake, and Jake is now with his new family. Jim flew over to Jackson, TN and picked up Jake and off they went for Vicksburg, MS where Wade took over. There was a first on this rescue for both Wade and Jim—they changed Jake’s Diaper!!! Sometime you just have to get it done.

Wade with Jake after we put on his Diaper for the flight to TX.

This weekend, Wade has flown almost 1,300 NM flying 7 Dogs, several Cats all over TX and beyond. Way to go Wade!!!

Carrie saying good by to Jake.

Thanks also goes to, Carrie Bowman who saved Jake and Janet Anderson, Jakes new Mom. Thank you Jim Carney for sharing this story and pictures.

Jake checking out the clouds floating by!!

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5 Responses to “Disabled Beagle Jake is now a Texan”

  1. Have a happy life Jake!!!

  2. What a sweetie, is there a chance he could use some wheels?

  3. What is the reason for Jake not being able to walk? I know a rescue that took in a dog with this problem and they were able to rehabilitate him back to where he can walk and run and play. Contact me and I will gladly share their contact info. if you think he has a chance to regain the ability to walk.

  4. Thank you so much for helping Jake and all the others find their forever homes. God bless everyone that helps save these innocent lives. Keep up the good work!

  5. Jake now has his new wheel’s. He is a very happy Beagle.