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Dora, Kobe and Max

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Three adorable little puppies about 3 months old were found in a ditch in Asheboro, NC. They are Dora, Kobe and Max. The network of volunteers took hold and found Bob to nurture the pups while they looked for a place for them to go. Eventually, a spot was found for them in New York.

Robert, Richard, and Robert's wife Liz in front of Richard's plane.

Robert, Richard, and Robert’s wife Liz in front of Richard’s plane.

The first leg of the rescue, flown by Richard Newman, was from Asheboro to Hagerstown, MD. The second leg of the rescue was flown by Robert from Hagerstown, MD to Beacon, NY. This rescue included a two week foster at Robert’s farm because the rescue didn’t immediately have room, partially a result of Hurricane Sandy.


The puppies won some hearts in New York, and all three have already found forever homes.