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Ferrets Fly, Too

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Ferrets fly, too, and they made mighty fine passengers for Jim Moore.

Arguing about who gets to navigate, talk on the microphone, push buttons, and move the throttle forward.

Texas Ferret Lover’s Rescue near Dallas, TX had a couple of ferrets returned to them that had been adopted out 2 1/2 years ago. Because of their age, no one would adopt them and had been at the rescue since June.

We are packed and ready, what’s the hold up?  (Maverick & Tinkerbelle)

In addition, a little boy named Doc who had bilateral adrenal surgery was also unwanted.

You want me to go WHERE? (Doc)

Sleepy came in and was so feminine built he was also tough to adopt out (too small for a boy).

Now, how early does that flight take off? (Sleepy)

A good friend in Pampa, TX, who lost several of her older ferrets this year and had lost her hubby a couple years back at this time of year making it very hard to face the holidays, was willing and anxious to take them. Transportation to the far northwest Texas small town was proving nearly impossible to find.

There goes one brave soul. Locked up with 4 bossy ferrets.

Through some dog rescue groups, the ferret rescue contacted Pilots for Paws and the trip came through.  Millie had to rearrange her day at the last minute, but she did everything that was needed to get the furry critters to their new home.