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Final PNP Flight Story Of 2012: Lots of Puppy Pictures!!

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Dear All:
We’ve had another successful dog rescue.
Long story short – we were in the Nashville area and went to pick up what was originally going to be one dog from the Lebanon Animal Control – of course we left with five.
But, I’m never gunna go to the housing facility again on a rescue.  I know how many we left behind and what their chances are.  And some of those dogs were really sweet.  But there is a finite number of dogs we can fit into our airplane and still have a safe flight for both humans and animals.
Here we are leaving the Lebanon facility with our rental car that quickly became very covered with dog hair:
And when we arrived at John C. Tune airport (JWN) there was a plethora of 8-week old Catahoula Leopard Dog puppies waiting for us.
One by one we got everyone loaded in.
So, after we had 12 dogs loaded in the back we ran out of room.  There wasn’t an inch more of space for this little guy:
So, he got to ride in the First Class Cabin:
Which I’m not sure if he liked:
After an uneventful (well, there was some real world IFR) two hours and twenty minutes  later we landed at Chicago Executive where representatives of The Illinois Catahoula Rescue Agency, A.R.F. (The Animal Rescue Foundation) and started to help us unload 13 dogs:
This girl had serious Alpha Female issues – so she had to be kept away from all the other dogs:
I flat out love LOVE this Coonhound!  And he doesn’t have a Foster Family or a Forever Family yet – so he came home with us.  And absolutely needs a family.  If you can give him love, please contact us!
And this Shepherd mix left our hangar with his Forever Family:
This Hinez 57 will go with Plumbers for Puppies to find a Forever Family:
Merry Christmas to all and God Bless.
Pete & Karen

One thought on “Final PNP Flight Story Of 2012: Lots of Puppy Pictures!!”

  1. Cynthia says:

    I just found the PNP website because someone else recommended it to me. These success stories bring tears to my eyes. What you have done is so remarkable. Thank you! May you be blessed with safe travel and good health and many your spirit be lifted up many more times in the year to come…as you lift the spirits of those who rescue and care about animals..and the spirits of our animals friends who so deserve safe and loving homes.

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