First of Many

First of Many

David Harlow was finally able to complete his first Pilots N Paws mission. It took several weeks, several false starts, and several cancelled transports, but everything came together at last. Meet Maizey, who traveled with David from Greensboro, NC to Baltimore, MD. She didn’t much enjoy being in the crate for the trip but was very happy when she landed and met her new family!

Maizey is a little unsure about David and what she’s about to get herself into.

Here’s to hoping this is the first of many for David!

Petmate and Subaru are dedicated to providing safe transportation in their own ways. Pilots N Paws can’t thank them enough for their support in our efforts to transport animals to safety.

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5 Responses to “First of Many”

  1. Congratulations David on your first mission! So wonderful of you to help save sweet Maizey!

  2. Thank you David for joining PnP – the first of many angel flights!

  3. Susan Metzler 12. Dec, 2012 at 2:45 pm

    Congratulations on no longer being a Pilots N Paws “virgin”!!!! Nice job, and thanks from all the paws!!!

  4. yeah!, that’s wonderful David, hopefully many, many more safe and happy transports

  5. And today David flew again! Thank you, David, for meeting us in Wilmington, NC, to fly Jack to his new home in MA!