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Pilots N Paws

Mama Cat With Babies & Mama Dog With Babies

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A shelter in North Carolina was overfull as it had been unable to send animals north since Hurricane Sandy made a mess of the northeast. As the northest started to dry out, a group of 4 pilots came together to transport nearly 2 dozen animals.

MaryBeth took the first leg from Elizabethtown, NC to KXSA (Tappahanock, VA) with 21 cats and dogs (they’re still trying to figure out if it was 21 or 22). Matt Jessel met her at KXSA and brought all the animals to Frederick, MD (KFDK)

At KFDK, Matt met 2 flights — Bruce and Avery who took the 13 dogs up to Rhonda Island and Melvin who took the 8-9 cats to New Jersey.

A whole new crew of animals have a chance at new homes.