Senior citizen, elderly dog start new life together

Senior citizen, elderly dog start new life together

Poodle found wandering streets of CT

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COLCHESTER, Vt. —It was a tale of two seniors

A 14-year-old poodle named Holly, found wandering on the streets of Connecticut, was in need of a home. An 85-year-old Vermont woman was in need of a friend.

The two started a new life together on Thursday. Holly was flown here by a volunteer private pilot. Her new owner, Ann Mongeon, couldn’t wait to meet her.

“I wanted a companion. I live alone and I wanted a companion,” said Mongeon.

Holly came armed with shots and new dental work — well, one tooth to be exact. The rest of them needed to be removed.

For Mongeon, and the folks at Poodle Rescue of Vermont who arranged the adoption, the 6-pound-poodle was a perfect match.

After the airport meet-up, Holly and her owner went to the store for a new leash and dog food.

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Charlie walking In With Holly

Charlie walking In With Holly



Charlie Ann And Holly

Charlie Ann And Holly

Charlie Kissing Ann's cheek

Charlie Kissing Ann’s cheek

Ann Holding Holly

Ann Holding Holly






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6 Responses to “Senior citizen, elderly dog start new life together”

  1. Poodle Rescue of Vermont is associated with Poodle Club of America Rescue. We are very proud to support Terri and her group in the wonderful work that they do. Many thanks to Pilots and Paws who give so generously to help make these adoptions possible.

  2. THIS is what life should be all about … those in need coming together with the help of others – and it being REAL! God is at work here – thank you, God and Jesus.

  3. How absolutely wonderful! My toy poodle is that size; the idea of a little baby like that wandering the streets gives me chills. Bless you, Pilots & Paws for this rescue! May Holly and Ann share many happy years together!

  4. Carolyn Quick 30. Dec, 2012 at 6:57 pm

    Cindy, that’s a wonderful story. A happy dog with a happy new owner. The rest of her days will be good ones both for Ann and Holly!

  5. Sherry Oden (poodle lover)

  6. What a great wonderful guy :-)