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Thank You Pete Tobin and Karen Johnson For Sharing Your Big Day of Several PNP Flights With US! Part 1

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Dear All:

We’ve had another successful Pilots N Paws run.

Long story short:

As Karen & I were discussing what to do to celebrate our approaching 10th Wedding Anniversary, Karen learned of an accident and death of a Miami-based long-haul trucker who was going through Rensselaer, IN when he had a diabetic attack and is believed to have died before his truck went off a bridge and crashed (Yikes!)

The only survivor of the wreck was the driver’s traveling companion, a 95 lb American Bull Dog named Bubba.  The Driver’s family only had enough money to bring the body of the Driver home.

Karen informed me that Bubba was going to be put to sleep in Rensselaer if someone didn’t do something.

I think anyone who knows me knows exactly what’s going to come out of my mouth next: “I gotta get Bubba!” said in my best Forest Gump voice.

Which of course resulted in me receiving that Tell-Me-Again-Why-I-Married-You!?! stare that all married men are so familiar with. 

Less than 48 hours later, on the day of our 10th wedding anniversary, I was landing on runway 18 in Rensselaer to meet Bubba.

And let me tell ya’ 95 lbs of dog, is a whole lot of dog.

I mean he is a sweet heart (maybe drools a little too much) just a love-bug, but a whole lot stronger than I anticipated.

This is Bubba:

Pete & Bubba

And Bubba did not want to go into the crate in the airplane.

Ya’d stick him in one end and he’d get past the crate and pop right out the other end.

Karen and Bubba

There was just no way I was launching with a dog this big & strong who I didn’t know; and, we had no idea how he would react in an airplane unless we could get him in a crate and strap that crate down.


The final solution became that Karen had to take the crate apart; and, I had to climb into the back of the baggage compartment with Bubba and get him to sit in the bottom half –

Then, we rebuilt the crate around him.

Then, wouldn’t you know it, Bubba didn’t want to come out of the plane in Nashville:

So, that was our leg of Bubba’s journey to be reunited with his family.

Robert and Ann would be driving him to Columbus, GA for the next leg of his adventure.

That is one big dog:

And the trip to Columbus, GA was pretty much uneventful.

…but… because of Tropical Storm – Isaac, the Miami-based Pilot N Paws pilot who was scheduled to meet up with Robert & Ann couldn’t launch.  Once again, Bubba was stranded.

The Robert’s niece, Karen Drake stepped up to the plate and drove Bubba to Orlando:

Bubba in Orlando:

Where Bubba’s family was able to drive up from Miami to be reunited:

And Bubba made it home!

Bubba, we’re all very sorry for the month you’ve had.  But, we’re also honored to be a part of reuniting you with your family.

Well, as you all know, there is never just one dog in need of rescue…

Please tune in tomorrow to hear about the rest of Karen and Peter’s busy day full of PNP flights!!

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  1. Libby says:

    What an awesome story, and a VERY Beautiful
    dog,May Bubba live a very long happy life ! :-)

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