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A Montana Mover and Shaker

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Jerry Cain is a volunteer for PIlots N Paws (and Angel Flight West) that flies out of his own piece of paradise in Lincoln, MT. He also co-founded the Recreational Aviation Foundation. Jerry says, “Flying for Pilots N Paws is one of the best excuses for flying that I can come up with. Love having reasons to go to new places while giving dogs new leashes on life. We currently have 14 Alaskan husky sled dogs and two IGs, so we have a special love for dogs; also cats and horses!” Jerry also rearranged the seating in his Cessna 182 by taking out the rear seat so he can get more carry kennels in it as well as larger ones. Now that is dedication!

That's already a big crate, imagine how big of one will fit with the rear seat out.

That’s already a big crate, imagine how big of one will fit with the rear seat out.

Jerry’s most recent PNP flight was to get Choco the English Pointer to her new owner.



Pilots N Paws thanks Jerry and our generous sponsors Subaru and Petmate for helping to give animals a hand when it is needed.

2 thoughts on “A Montana Mover and Shaker”

  1. Tina says:

    Way to go, Jerry!! Thrilled to have you listed on the home page. You are a treasured asset for MT rescues and others.

  2. I met Jerry today, he was the last leg of getting 9 rescued pups from Missouri to us here in Spokane/Colville Wa. I am co founder and executive director of Shepherds for Lost Sheep Inc. All 9 puppies will be trained as Service Dogs to help with PTSD and TBI symptom mitigation for 9 veterans. Today you were part of saving 18 lives. It was an honor to meet you, I can’t thank you enough!

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