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Arkee to Okee

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Eight white Aussie pups, of which 3 were special needs, and one other random pup, a cutie named Roscoe, needed an airlift from Arkansas to Oklahoma.


As usual, there were lots of folks involved in making the trip happen. Sarah Carr at the Russellville, AR Animal Shelter on the sending end, the final receiving rescue, a few days later, Amazing Aussies Lethal White Rescue in Airzona, Joan Nikcum transport coordinator, and ground transport helpers: Linsey and Kyle Hiemer in AR and Susan Kurth and Debbie Harris in OK.

The AR Girls getting read to help "loadem" up. Roscoe is in the left crate.

The AR Girls getting read to help “loadem” up. Roscoe is in the left crate.

Jim Carney took on the 3-leg mission. The first leg was Covington, TN to Russellville, AR for the pickup. The second leg moved the dogs from Russellville, AR to Okmulgee, OK. The final leg took Jim back home. Jim’s three flights were not the usual “non-events” but required 2 Instrument Approaches down to GPS LNAV or ILS Minimums and included ATC delay’s. An extremely challenging day. However, it was worth it to save the lives of the nine precious passengers.

This flight was flown in respect for a couple of Jim’s friends, Chuck and Donna Watkins, in memory of their beloved Boxer. His name was Timer. The PNP Mission to save these 9 pups had their loss in mind. As Timer walked over the Rainbow Bridge, I’m sure he was pleased to know that 9 lives were saved in his memory.

Timer, he loved to FLY!

Timer, he loved to FLY!

3 thoughts on “Arkee to Okee”

  1. True Blue Friends says:

    How heartwarming that in memory of Timer, a very special boxer, who loved to fly, nine pups lives were saved!!! Thank You to pilot Jim Carney for his incredible mission !!!

  2. Amber says:

    Thanks for giving these animals a second chance and for giving of your time! Safe travels and God Bless!

  3. kgoedert says:

    The special needs pups that went to Oklahoma….were they adopted or in need of home? Could you help with where they went?

    You guys are awesome! Thank you for what you do :)

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