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Dasher’s Rescue As Told By PNP Pilots and Thecoastalsource.com

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Dan Kruger and Dasher

Dan Kruger and Dasher

Dasher’s transport involved 4 separate legs and began with Charleston, SC PNP pilot Daniel Krueger who flew Dasher from Charleston to North Carolina where PNP Pilot Steve Shoop was waiting with his flight attendant—his Aussie named Jasper—to fly Dasher for his second leg from Johnston County, NC to Leesburg, Virginia.
Jasper awaits Dasher's arrival

Jasper awaits Dasher’s arrival

Pilot Dan Krueger transferring Dasher to Pilot Steve Shoop

Pilot Dan Krueger transferring Dasher to Pilot Steve Shoop

Shoop said that the first two flights of the day into the Johnston County FBO were for Pilots N Paws! “When I landed at Johnston County to pick up Dasher, it was about 9:30 AM. The FBO operator told me I was their second flight to arrive that morning. The first, he said, had pickup up eight puppies!”

Jasper bids goodbye to Dasher

Jasper bids goodbye to Dasher

PNP Pilot Steve Shoop says goodbye to Dasher

PNP Pilot Steve Shoop says goodbye to Dasher

Shoop commented further about the transport. “Everyone who flew Dasher fell in love with him. When he arrived at Johnston County and we met, Dan’s first words were “You’re going to want to keep this dog.” He was right; I did.
Dasher Meets Bill

Dasher Meets Bill

After Steve delivered Dasher to Virginia, PNP Pilot Bill Curtis flew the third leg to Poukeepsie, New York. From New York, Dasher traveled with PNP Pilot Charlie Malo on to Taunton, MA. Charlie  arrived around 3:45 PM, so Dasher had an 8+ hour experience with Pilots N Paws.
Steve Shoop recently received an update about Dasher, “I spoke with Marlene a little while ago and I understand the D dog is now in his new home, writing his memoirs no doubt. Good thing too, because I would seriously consider adopting that little guy, he is such a delight.”



Tis the season for giving and that’s just what people up and down the east coast are doing for a pup named Dasher. Dasher is named after one of Santa’s reindeer. He was set to be put down at a shelter in South Carolina before being rescued. It was a sad fate, but the story takes flight from there. The little pup is now getting ready for the biggest adventure of his life. He is a rescue, saved from a shelter in Lancaster County South Carolina where he was found as a stray and scheduled to be euthanized. He was brought to the Lowcountry to Furey’s Furry Friends, put on facebook and found by his new owner Michelle in Massachusetts. The question now was how to get him there? That’s where Pilots N Paws comes in.Daniel Krueger of Charleston is a pilot who came to pick up Dasher and take him to North Carolina on one of three legs of his trip to his new home.“It’s a great cause to stop animals from being put down that have a chance to have a real life, so it’s hard not to do it,” said Krueger.Marlene Furey said sometimes the biggest obstacles to a donation is distance and transportation.

“The pilots volunteer their time, airplanes and fuel to help get rescue animals to their forever homes, and there is a lot of rescues that wouldn’t be able to take place if they didn’t exist,” Furey explained. “Sometimes distance is the obstacle to adoption, and the pilots help to overcome that obstacle.”

For more information on Pilots N Paws click here.

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6 thoughts on “Dasher’s Rescue As Told By PNP Pilots and Thecoastalsource.com”

  1. Janet Clark says:

    Thank you so much for rescuing Dasher and giving him a chance to live. I appreciate all of the hard work that everyone did to make this possible. Your organization is the best. Keep up the good work!

    (Please everyone remember to spay or neuter your pets!)

  2. Sally Dunn says:

    Thank you. !!!! .. But these two words do not convey. My gratitude to these rescuers. And pilots. !!!!! XoxoxoX

  3. I HEART HEART HEART PNP & their devotion to saving lives.

  4. Michele Handley says:

    Just want to thank everyone involved for getting Dasher here to Massachusetts. Thank you, Thank you.
    Michele Handley in Mass.

  5. I am SOOOOOOO glad we were able to save Dasher–now known as Jack—and witness the joy he has brought to everyone who has been involved with him!! Thanks to PNP for their help ingiving this fur babay the life he deserves!!

  6. Ellen DuBois says:

    I love this wonderful group of people. The pilots, the rescues who care for them, the foster families- all of them! They are giving these beautiful, innocent animals a chance to live, love, be loved and bring so much joy to many. Thank YOU! ALL of you!!

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