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PNP Rescue Dog Gives Birth To Ten Puppies Morning After Her Rescue Flight

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Here’s some pictures and story of our wonderful new years eve flight!
I can’t think of a better way to end 2012 then flying a load of dogs to better places on new years eve. My husband Rob and I departed our home airport just north of Placerville, CA enroute to Fresno for some special pickups. Bill flew Daisy, a 10 year old blind Cocker Spaniel, up from Riverside so we could continue and get to her permanent home. We also picked up a very pregnant Boarder Collie/ Lab mix, Monique, as well as two Chihuahuas, Lenny and Lilly, from the nearby unheated Delano shelter who needed a ride to Nevada. We departed the low haze of Fresno for the incredibly clear calm flight over the mountains into Carson City to meet Kathy who was taking Monique as well as Debby who took Lenny and Lilly. With Monique’s late stage of pregnancy I wanted to minimize the stress of altitude and descents so with the incredibly calm conditions we were able to skim the mountains at just under 10,000 and do a slow descent into Carson. After a quick transfer of information and dogs at a very cold snow covered airport we then continued on to Lovelock. Beth met us with her son on another snowy tarmac to pick up Daisy, she would be taking her home with her to Winnamucca. We departed Lovelock with smiles heading home over a white Nevada desert crossing the Sierras just north of Lake Tahoe into a setting sun.  Monique gave birth to ten puppies the next morning, we’re so happy she waited. We didn’t really want to take off with four dogs and land with fourteen.
–Kim Purcell
   Pilot, Pilots N Paws
Daisy on her first leg
Monique loaded and ready to go
Lenny and Lilly waiting for Daisy to arrive
Kim and Rob with a plane load of dogs
Daisy with her new owner Bonnie
Beautiful flight into the sunset after a great day!

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  1. Sophy says:

    What a wonderful story, but alas, the photos didn’t post.

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