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Ditch Puppies Now Safe & Sound

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Three pups owe their lives to a kind gentleman that travels a country road on a daily basis. He had noticed a momma dog and pups that appeared to be living in a hold dug in the side of the ditch. One day he realized that he had not seen the momma for a couple days and was concerned for the pups, so he called Amanda.

Amanda took off and drove 45 mintues to finally find these guys. Momma was dead in the ditch, probably hit by a car. Three puppies about 3-months old were surviving on their own. There was a very run-down house, camper, abandoned vehicles, etc. less than a 1/4 of a mile away, so Amanda stopped to ask if they knew about the dogs.


Pilot Dana & his wife Judi.

Pilot Dana & his wife Judi.

The only person who would come outside was a teenage girl. She was very shy and started to cry when Amanda asked about the dogs. Eventually, Amanda learned that the momma dog (appeared to be a Yellow Lab, maybe mix) was indeed hers but once pregnant the girl’s father no longer let her take the dog inside or feed her. She said the daddy dog was a shepherd type dog that was a stray, and her father shot it after they realized her dog was pregnant.

There were 7 pups to begin with, but they were disappearing. Amanda asked what they planned to do with the remaining pups. She said nothing as her dad won’t let her feed them and told her they would all eventually get eaten by the coyotes. Amanda inquired about taking these pups, and the young girl said, “PLEASE DO!”.

A kind driver got the ball rolling, rescues and volunteers increased the pups odds, a pilot helped move the dogs, and a foster stepped up to take the dogs in. ┬áRoxi, Luca & Rico are now safe & sound… and much loved in their Mountain Pet Rescue foster home!

8 thoughts on “Ditch Puppies Now Safe & Sound”

  1. Lori says:

    Thank you for your kindness to the surviving pups. My heart wonders if the child needs some extra help as the puppies did. Such a sad situation, my prayers are with her now.

  2. barbara richards says:

    Was this horrid man prosicuted for animal cruelty? What happened to the mother dog?

  3. WOW what a heartless man that guy is… another human with no humanity at all. Thank you so much for saving the remaining pups! Someone should report the father though for animal cruelty and in the process make sure that child isnt being abused as well! What state was this in???

  4. Deb says:

    So glad the puppies were rescued and I admire the work that all of these dedicated people do. Now wish something could be done for the girl. Sometimes it seems like we can have more success saving animals than we can abused children.

  5. Sophy Lewis says:

    I agree with Ms Oliver. Child Protective Services for that state should investigate that “father.” What an S.O.B!

  6. Joy muir says:

    What a great rescue, but now I worry about that poor girl with the mean dad.

  7. Arlene says:

    Pilots N Paws are so great!! What happened to the mamma dog?

  8. BUNNY says:

    I agree with the other comments, this man shot a dog, abandoned a pregnant dog and then knew and boasted pups would be eaten by coyote & the man is a BEAST to his sweet daughter!!! Someone report this man to animal control /police for abuse & neglect of animals, also calling child protective services & the local school to hip the teachers/principal to this girls situation would be helpful. poor girl..God help her and THANKS FOR SAVING THESE PUPS, TOO BAD THE MAN DRIVING BY ALL THOSE TIMES DIDN’T CALL RESCUE WHILE MOTHER DOG AND PUPS FIRST SPOTTED LIVING IN DITCH…

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