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Knoxville, TN to Danville, KY

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Jim Carney was back in the air with another load of dogs.  This time, he had some frequent fliers on board.  A group of four husky pups made their second flight with Jim.  The first was when they were just 11 days old.  Their second trip was at 7 weeks to catch a ride to their final destination in Albany.

Nap time for the frequent fliers.

PnP Sponsor Petmate provides a place for Jim’s frequent fliers to take a nap.

The players:
Sending Rescue – Homeward Bound Dog Rescue, South – Tamara Runions, Jay Archer
Receiving Rescue – Homeward Bound Dog Rescue , North – Carol Horn
Transport Coordinator Specialist – Lorene Steffes
Ground Support to catch their limo ride – Cat and Lois
Passengers – 4 Husky Pups 7 weeks old and 4 Lab Mix Pups, also 7 weeks old

Cat and Lois

Cat and Lois

Thanks also goes to Harrodsburg-Mercer County Humane Society.

Thor, I think I've been here before.

Thor, I think I’ve been here before.


UPDATE:  It only took a few days for five of the puppies to be adopted.


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  1. theresa says:

    I Love this group of awesome peopel saving these beautiful kiddos.
    Pilots n paws!!! AWESOME

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