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Karma & Gracie

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Such a long, but wonderful, day for momma (now known as “Karma”) and her puppies! I cannot thank everyone enough for helping us save this precious family, most of whom already have amazing forever homes waiting for them.


Rescue involves quick and immediate action, so our thanks start with Tulsa based Karen, who alerted us to a beautiful pyrenees girl (now known as Gracie) in urgent need of rescue at the Norman, OK shelter. GHART Board Member Vicki helped me find a foster…Kathy…for Gracie.


When I contacted Amy at the shelter about pulling Gracie, she told me about this momma & her puppies. Gracie’s foster, Kathy, jumped into action for this family as well. When she went to pull Gracie, she also pulled Karma & herĀ puppies, bought supplies, cleaned them up, and left them in the safe and loving care of her son Erich & his friends so they would be closer to the airport for departure.


PNP Pilots Zack & Dan (who responded so quickly to our plea for help) made their flights on schedule & the pups’ transfer in Ulysees was seamless. They arrived in Denver safe & sound… ready to eat, drink, play, and snuggle into the loving arms of Mountain Pet Rescue (MPR) volunteers Susan (and family), Julie and Scott, and adopter Jennifer. I don’t have all the names, but I understand that Jennifer’s daughter and Dan’s daughter also provided lotsa love to our pups so our thanks to them too!


After their break, momma & puppies were loaded up into Julie & Scott’s car, and it was a quiet ride up to Winter Park with puppies snoozing & momma relaxing. With a winter storm moving in quickly, they were immediately transferred into the vehicle with Derek & me and we were off to Kremmling to meet Allison who, unfortunately, had the worst travel of the day, driving over Rabbit Ear’s Pass in whiteout, winter storm conditions. Weather was too awful for more travel, so they all holed up at Allison’s house overnight. They will get checked out with MPR vet Andi in Steamboat before FINALLY being able to settle in with foster Kim in Clark, CO.


These babies still want to nurse and huddle together so they need another week, likely two, before adoption, but we will let Andi help us determine adoption date. Jennifer fell in love with one of the female puppies (now known as Skye since that’s how she got here), Julie fell in love with momma dog (now known as “Karma”) and is also considering adopting one of the puppies (now known as “Aspen”), another puppy may have a home with an airport employee who directed Susan to our intake and convinced her that his family would provide a great home for one of these pups, and foster Kim is waiting to meet & see which puppy is meant to be forever hers.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all for making this rescue happen so quickly and go so smoothly!! I promise that Karma, Skye, Aspen, and the other puppies will all be safe, loved & treasured for the rest of their lives.

Mountain Pet Rescue

5 thoughts on “Karma & Gracie”

  1. Pam Farthing says:

    Heartwarming! As they say, “it takes a village”; you are all awesome!

  2. Janet says:

    Thank you so much for saving this beautiful little furry family! Please keep up the good work and may God bless you on your flights!

  3. janet says:

    Awww what a great storie I hope all the babies big and small all find 4 ever homes and great humans to love them! And thank you to all that made this rescue happen if it went for u all those babies would not be here now. God bless y’all !!!!!!

  4. Rosita Guzman Ybarra says:

    I love these pictures, you all do a great job and I pray that your guardian angels continue in dedicated work! Thank you

  5. Jaci Lindo says:

    Very Heartwarming, Very wonderful people;
    Very adorable puppies. Such good news!
    Makes one wish one was there participating.

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