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Bee Bee Takes to the Skies and Wins a TON of Hearts!

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Leslie, a volunteer at Pender County Animal Control in Burgaw, NC shares a very incredible, heartwarming story involving pilot Christophe Masiero…

Christophe set out on 2/2 to do Polly’s transport to Virginia, and he was so wonderfully kind to stop by Wallace, NC on his way home to pick up Bee Bee. The trip was 2 hours out of his way. Christophe quite literally saved her life.

She was in a county kill shelter, and we were desperately trying to get her out and to Tennessee Death Row Dogs. She is a sweet, sweet bullie girl that just needed a break. Christophe flew into Wallace in the late afternoon and departed at dark to bring Bee Bee to Charlotte, where this incredible group had found a temp foster for her the day before. Christophe, his co-pilot, and Bee Bee had a bumpy ride back to Charlotte that night, dealing with thunderstorms almost the entire trip home. They all landed safely and Christophe was kind enough to then transport Bee Bee to her temp foster, via ground. To make a long story short, the weather delayed the second part of the transport until the following weekend and we are so very grateful to Christophe for his help.


Janeen with Tennessee Death Row Dogs was there with her 4 yr old son James to greet Christophe, his wife Laryssa and Bee Bee when they landed in TN. James is a wonderful young man and a future Animal Rescuer in the making! James made an incredible poster for Christophe with photos of all of the pups that he has transported to the rescue group with their new families. What a wonderful thing for little James to do! He was very excited to greet Christophe, his wife Larysa and Bee Bee with his gift.

Without Christophe’s help, our wonderful Bee Bee would not have the second chance that she has now. This is an example of just how wonderful our hero pilots are!

Petmate and Subaru – Their assistance to our pilots and other volunteers is crucial to our success. 

6 thoughts on “Bee Bee Takes to the Skies and Wins a TON of Hearts!”

  1. Danielle says:

    YAY for Bee Bee & thank you Pilots N Paws!

  2. Jamie says:

    Thank you so much Pilots N Paws and Christophe for helping us make Bee Bee’s dreams come true. This is a wonderful article and it really touched our hearts. Bee Bee was lucky to have such an awesome team in her corner!

  3. lyndie stofberg says:

    i get goosebumps when i read stories like this .. animal lovers all over the world are a nation on their own and when you read or hear about such stories it just gives you hope that together we can do something if we stand together ..! i know all my animal lover friends on fb are reading and “liking” this story ..!! i think Christophe rocks ..!! :)

  4. Sara says:

    Pilots N Paws, there are not enough words to describe the wonderful job you are doing! THANK YOU!!!

  5. Rich says:

    Thanks so much for having such a big heart.

  6. Barbara Serrano says:

    Thank you so much!!! My heart is warm because of you and your efforts…

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