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Nelli Hitches a Ride with Jason

3 thoughts on “Nelli Hitches a Ride with Jason”

  1. Chellie Knutsen says:

    I am so glad to have seen this video – I love the part where she gets out of the plane & looks back like, “I just rode in that?!?!! There truly are no words to describe my gratitude to those who helped bring Nellie “home” & my “thank you” comes from the very bottom of my heart. Thank you Pilots N Paws for what you do, & thank you Jason!!!

  2. joel huckabee says:

    what a great loving dog.

  3. Gotta say thank you again to the Pilots who donate their time and costs to move these wonderful creatures to new homes. We have has numerous dogs flown in to our Rescue (Top Gun K9 Rescue) but this one was the first to go with a Pilot on her way to Chellie. All reports are positive and heartwarming! Chellie knew this little girl was supposed to be with her, thank-you for making it happen!!!

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