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Pilots N Paws Receives $7 From Each T-shirt Sold!!

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If you purchase a t-shirt  or t-shirts at www.muchmorethanme.com and LIKE them on Facebook, (muchmorethanme),  Pilots N Paws will receive a $7.00 donation from the sale of each t-shirt.  When ordering,  please be sure to choose Pilots N Paws when asked: How Would You Like To Direct Your Donation? Then remember to LIKE us on FB!https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/muchmorethanme/123693414329525?fref=ts to secure your donation. Much More Than Me t-shirts help you wear what you believe in, and also what you may like to see changed in the world!

Much More Than Me t-shirts reinforce the importance of acting with greater compassion and awareness toward human beings and animals. We bring to light how dogs really end up in rescues, celebrate the gifts you get when you adopt, and remind us it is eco-friendly to adopt- good for the planet and the soul! Go to www.muchmorethanme.com and find a shirt so comfortable you won’t want to take it off, and give back to Pilots N Paws at the same time! 

Relove Rescue Recycle

Relove Rescue Recycle

One thought on “Pilots N Paws Receives $7 From Each T-shirt Sold!!”

  1. Janet says:

    What a wonderful idea! People AND Dogs LOVE to wear T shirts…I do all the time..and for some of you who dont like a shirt up against your neck, I just cut about a 4″ line down the front snd I have an instant V-neck! They never fray, they actually tuck under do it looks finished! Thanks again for supporting our animal and human souls and our planet!

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