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150 Dogs and 130 Hours Logged

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Dick and Vicki Sipp’s most recent flight transferred 13 dogs from the Bainbridge, Ga shelter to two different rescues. Willa, Hady, and her pups went to R.O.A.R.(Recycled Orphans Animal Rescue) in Tampa, FL. Four “F” pups, 4 of Rea’s pups, and lil Jazzie went to S.L.A.L. (South Lake Animal League) in Leesburg, FL.


Volunteer Beth awoke early and got everyone situated and ready fly. Volunteers for the rescues picked up the dogs, and some are also serving as fosters. A few of the Terrier mixes tossed their breakfast, and one also got rid of a good bit of string or yarn, otherwise everyone was fine.

It has been another good year for the Sipps. They have flown 32 dogs in 26 flight hours this season. Since they’ve starting flying for Pilot N Paws, they’ve transported are about 150 dogs and logged 130 hours.

Thanks to all the rescues, volunteers, pilots, and PnP sponsors Petmate and Subaru!

4 thoughts on “150 Dogs and 130 Hours Logged”

  1. Lea Scalf says:

    Thank You Dick & Vicki for ALL that you do to save the animals by transporting them to their new forever homes and rescue groups!!!

  2. carole says:

    Thanks all for the good work u do.

  3. James Keith Decker says:

    Great job guys! I’ve been with PnP for 2 1/2 yrs and over 80 rescues. What bothered me was your comment about vomit and especially YARN! Should Not be any thing like yarn, or vomit.
    Who ever had the pups needs to be educated. No food after midnight and only a sip of water in the AM. Walked in AM before flight, then go. I may be preaching to the choir, but yarn should never be an issue!
    Whoever had them the night before you flew them did not do you a favor.
    We all love to help and use our airplanes to do that and I hope to meet you.
    Blue Skies, Keith

  4. Stephanie says:

    Just wanted to say Thank You for all you do!!!

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