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Blue’s New Buddies

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Blue, a 5-year-old pit bull, found some new buddies in the form of a two-pilot tag team of Roxanne and Dan.  They moved Blue from Lompoc, CA to his temporary home in Cottage Grove, OR.


Roxanne began they day in the Sacramento area and made it down to Lompoc around 9:15 am to meet Scott, Blue’s owner. Scott had lost his home, and since November 2011 he has been moving Blue from rescue to rescue, trying to find a safe place for him.


From Lompoc, Roxanned headed north to Redding, CA, where she met Dan, the second pilot in the relay. He had flown down from Aurora, OR. They transferred Blue to Dan’s plane, an he finished the transport to Cottage Grove, OR, where Blue would live with Scott’s brother, Eric. Scott is hopeful that he will be able to see Blue before the end of the year.


The flight and relay were very uneventful. Blue slept nearly the entire way and was such a sweetheart throughout the whole process. He is finally in a safer, more secure location.

After all the affection pets have shown us, they deserve some in return. Subaru and Petmate are helping PnP provide that love and attention to our animal friends.

4 thoughts on “Blue’s New Buddies”

  1. LKC in SC says:

    I just love these happy ending stories.

  2. Trudy says:

    Roxanne, great work! Come see the puppies again. They are getting cuter and sweeter by the day.

  3. Sharon says:

    WOW what love!

  4. janet says:

    oh what a great story so sad and hard on blues hu.an but that’s what good daddys do watch out for there baby’s no matter how tuff it is hope blues new friend can ease the stress part of looking for blue a new home. or till his human daddy can have him back! god bless to all amen!

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