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Pilots and Paws saved 4 lives this St Patrick’s Day

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Vanita sends stories about four lives saved on St Patrick’s Day! The stories are…

Sundance was dumped in the Corridor of Cruelty in Houston to fend for himself. Luckily, a lovely lady called Anna, who has a feeding program, took some pictures of Sundance…and it caught the attention of Summit Dog Rescue in Colorado. If Summit’s eye hadn’t been caught, Sundance would have been a stray for a very very long time–like most of his life. There are 1.2 million (yes, 1.2 million) stray dogs in this area! After a neuter and some shots, he is now in Colorado enjoying the cold weather!


Cher was a gorgeous, well behaved 95 pound purebred chocolate lab of 3 years, dumped by her owners at a 91% kill rate shelter in Central Houston. She went into the “adoptions” ward, where no doubt, she would have become a garden accessory for a Houston adopter…no shots, no heartworm prevention, living a life of solitude in the back yard…..UNTIL Retriever Rescue of Colorado stepped up to take this 95 pound gentle sweetheart….which brings me to Cole….


Cole is a flat coat retriever puppy with a magnetic personality. Super sweet. When the runner in Houston went to pick up Cher at this high kill shelter, she saw THOUSANDS of dogs being turned in. Somehow, Cole’s good looks and sparky personality caught the attention of the runner. So she told the people who found him (as a stray in a up market neighborhood in Houston)…just gimme the dog! The sweet man who had him from Christmas day, and called him Nicholas, cried and cried….! And Retriever Rescue of Colorado stepped up to the transporter, immediately to take this cute little guy.


And the last and luckiest one is Alvin. Another one doomed in TX because he is black. Nobody was rescuing or adopting him. The pound waited and waited for someone to take a liking to him. Nobody came forward. So Mountain Pet Rescue stepped up to take him!


PIlots and Paws and Retriever Rescue of Colorado, Moutain Pet Rescue and Summit Dog Rescue ROCK! They came to the rescue, no questions asked, and just stepped up. I love you love you love you. The problem in Houston and Texas is terrible terrible terrible. But at least 4 are out of Texas and on greener (and snowier?) pastures in Colorado.

6 thoughts on “Pilots and Paws saved 4 lives this St Patrick’s Day”

  1. Marie Marshall says:

    Way to go Pilots and PAWS!! Saving lives is what it is all about. Thank you!

  2. Reese says:

    I moved to Houston to work at the Med Center 13 years ago. It is unbelieveable how dogs are treated down here. I am sorry to say that many of the Hispanic population do not believe in spay/neuter. When I lived in the Heights near downtown there were houses that had multiple dogs each tied to a tree in the back and front yards…you would see packs of dogs roaming the streets….so sad here. There are programs here to help but as the saying goes “you can take the horse to the water…but you cannot make him drink.” I now live a a little farm outside of Houston. I have had dogs tied to my front gate, trees, and one thrown over my fence one day while I was in the garden. The poor boy tried to run along the fencing as the car drove away to try to catch up with them. Many of us here are trying to do what we can to help, but we are so out numbered it is difficult, the attitudes here are difficult to change, and there is language barrier in many cases. I am thankful and glad that a few of these dogs were able to go to CO…I hope they find the loving forever homes that they deserve.

  3. Barb says:

    God will certainly bless you for your big hearts, & willingness to step in and make such a huge difference in the lives of these precious souls and the lucky individuals and family’s that become better for adding any of these poochie kids to their homes.

  4. Frances Ellington says:

    These are great heartwarming stories but I am a little confused…..if a man had cared for Nicholas since Christmas and cried at losing him……why wasn’t he allowed to keep him? :(

  5. Melinda says:

    May God heap blessings on these pilots for the jobs they do, the love they give, and the lives they save. I am sure the doggies that you have saved believe the same and would send even more gratitude. I cry for those who are left behind, so many in so many places, that so many to suffer, and are never fortunate enough to be rescued. Please know that your works are appreciated more than you will ever know.

  6. lyndie says:

    @pilots and paws and special people like reese .. may God bless you all .. i follow and share your posts on a regular basis .. amazing how the internet and fb work.. i’m following you from south africa and i think there are people all over the world doing the same ..!! keep up the good work. xxx

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