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Pilots N Paws

Pilots N Paws- 15 dogs from North Carolina to New Jersey

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This was another run by PNP Pilot Scott Messinger for Columbus County Animal Control, Burlington County Animal Advocates, and Diamonds in the Ruff. Scott left Philadelphia with glorious flying weather, making stops in Lumberton, NC; Gastonia, NC; Morrestown, NJ; and back to Philadelphia. Scott said that it was quite windy on arrival into Morrestown, but that’s what he practices for. Lots of adorable pups as you can see, plus one very starved walker hound. These pups took the all time prize for total cuteness and kissability. Love those happy endings!

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Pilot Scott Messinger has a great sense of humor! Thank you for your volunteerism. Donating your time, plane, and cost of fuel.

Pilot Scott Messinger has a great sense of humor! Thank you for your volunteerism. Donating your time, plane, and cost of fuel.



















9 thoughts on “Pilots N Paws- 15 dogs from North Carolina to New Jersey”

  1. Denise Girard says:

    THANK YOU for these beautiful photos and for your service to these deserving animals-Bless You

  2. Chuck S says:

    GREAT JOB!!! Lookin to Rescue a Yorkie on Death row sc hed’d today. How do I do it? he’s in Gasston Cty N.C. Shelter. Just saw on F.B. PRASAP Thanks alot

  3. This man and all the volunteers between his take off, and return home at the end of the day brings a tear to my eye. What a rewarding self-less group of people! And not to be mean, but ‘most’ people who would have his own airplane, aren’t sweet enough to be helping others. He is a really special unique man! And the helpers are angels as well!!!! Thank You for all you ‘all’ do!! From myself and all the rescued ‘paws’!!! Nichole

  4. Rich says:

    What an awesome, generous, and compassionate group… thanks for caring.

  5. sharon says:

    stories like this restore my faith in humanity…thank u!

  6. SHeryl says:

    I am so elated at your efforts to rescue this beauties. My heart goes out to all of you, espcially the little starved walker hound. I am in greyhound rescue and I live in Brunswick County, NC. We are trying so hard to make a difference in animal treatment down here.
    Bless you all!

  7. joni says:

    wow, what an amazing tale. thank you for doing this.

  8. Karen Young says:

    Thank you for the service, care and compassion you provide. You also allowed us to find our newest family member. The tri-colored pup that went to Diamonds is now in our forever home and we just love him so much! Thank you!

  9. If any of the rescue pups would like a professional photo shoot to help with their adoptions, sign them up for a free shoot as part of The Park Project:

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