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Bayman Gets First Class Flight

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Leslie, a friend to so many animals over the years in Wilmington, NC sends the following…

We had a very special transport take place in March for a sweet, wonderful lab named Bayman. Bayman was at an extremely high kill shelter in southeastern North Carolina. The shelter that he was in is a gassing shelter. He was pulled from the shelter on his last day.

Kevin Snow and Bayman

Kevin Snow and Bayman

A group of dedicated local volunteers stepped up and found rescue for Bayman, in the nick of time, but the rescue happened to be in northern Pennsylvania.

Thankfully, our Pilots n Paws heroes saved the day. Bill Heybruck out of Charlotte volunteered to take Bayman for his first class ride to¬†Virinia. And first time Pilots N Paws pilot Kevin Snow volunteered for Bayman’s second leg. Bill helps us out, time and time again and we are so very grateful for all that he does. Kevin was just wonderful to work with. He handled his first mission with ease and professionalism. I hope that future shelter pups (and kitties) are lucky to be transported by this team again!!!

A HUGE HUGE HUGE Thanks to Bill and Kevin. Bayman now has a chance at a wonderful life because of them! We are so very grateful! They are saving lives!