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Bellick Escapes Burgaw

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Leslie, a Pender County Animal Control Volunteer, shares this very special story about Bellick, a gorgeous Mountain Dog mix from Pender County Animal Control in Burgaw, NC and his flight rescue in early March…

Bellick with Ken Art and Cindy P

Bellick with Ken, Art, and Cindy

Bellick was an owner surrender at the Pender County kill shelter due to financial reasons. His family could no longer afford to take care of him. Its so sad when families have to do this and are faced with no other choice but to leave their family member at a place where they could be euthanized. Thankfully, some of the shelter volunteers rallied around him and worked hard to find a rescue group who would commit to him. La Mancha Animal Rescue saw his information across the Internet and agreed to rescue him, but the issue was that the group was in PA and Bellick was in NC. If not for the help of our Pilots N Paws pilots, he would have been euthanized.

Bellick gets comfy for his flight (800x600)

We were desperate to get Bellick to the PA rescue as soon as possible. After all, space is a critical issue in these kill shelters. Once the one being rescued is considered “safe”, than that not only saves their life, but it also gives another shelter pet the chance at more time. It is a very urgent matter to get the rescued one to the group as soon as possible. That’s where Pilots N Paws steps in. ┬áKen Menzie of Raleigh, NC and David Harlow of Baltimore, MD stepped up to the task right away. They kindly offered to fly Bellick to his PA rescue group as soon as possible.

Bellick thanks Ken with a lick

Bellick thanks Ken with a lick

Pilots N Paws IS Animal Rescue. The pilots are doing so very much to save lives and I so hope that they realize what an important part of animal rescue they are! Thank you so much Ken, Cindy and David for saving this sweet boy’s life!!!!

Bellick takes to the skies

7 thoughts on “Bellick Escapes Burgaw”

  1. Mary says:

    What a wonderful story. Bellick is SO Handsome…can’t imagine this beautiful dog not being around to enjoy Life.
    Thanks to all who made this possible. I can’t imagine my life without my Rescue Dog, Eddie Shenanigans…..they are the best!

  2. Bob Siclari says:

    Someday when I get my license I hope to be doing this also.

  3. Janet says:

    Thank you so much for saving this beautiful dog’s life. God bless you and keep you safe in all your flights!

  4. Ann Chambers says:

    What a beautiful dog. Thank you angels in the air for saving another life. You are wonderful. xo

  5. jane gaulton says:

    How old this gorgeous guy and will he be available for adoption?

  6. Paula Offord says:

    Beautiful dog and worth the rescue. Thank you PNP! Keep up the good work.

  7. Ann Slater says:

    Ken and Cindy Menzie are just wonderful people. Always there to help, giving of time and resources, we are so blessed to know them. What a great couple.

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