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Cars, Airplanes, and Dogs Do Mix

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Mike needed to fly from Ohio to Wisconsin for a day to check on his new race car in the shop and he asked Steve to tag along. Forecast of CAVU pretty much the entire way, springlike temperatures, and lots of flying? Steve says “Why yes, I will take a vacation day, thank you very much.”

The pair flew to Delavan, WI, visited the car and shop, and headed back to the airport, but they didn’t make a bee-line for home. Instead, they climbed to 6,500 feet and pointed the nose direct to Lincoln, IL where Ethel was waiting.

Ethel and the volunteer that drove her to the airport

Ethel and the volunteer that drove her to the airport

Ethel, a pregnant German shorthaired pointer mix, was being moved from a rescue in Illinois to one in New York. Mike and Steve have made numerous flights for Pilots N Paws before. As soon as they landed, they met the lady who drove Ethel to the airport. Ethel was extremely friendly, if a bit shy, but certainly appeared to be in a good mood. Especially for a dog set to have puppies in about three weeks!


Mike loaded Ethel into the back seat while Steve fueled the airplane. She seemed quite content in her crate and, other than a little whimpering, didn’t fuss around once the engine started. The trio was in the air a few minutes later. Ethel paced for a minute or two before laying down in her crate; she slept or relaxed most of the way home.

Steve - Your impromptu line boy for the day!

Steve – Impromptu line boy for the day!

A great day to fly with multiple reasons.  Can’t beat it.  Good luck to Ethel and her puppies.


3 thoughts on “Cars, Airplanes, and Dogs Do Mix”

  1. Janet says:

    Thank you so much for helping Ethel. I hope Ethel and all her pups find loving forever homes!

  2. emma says:

    Best for Ethel!! and four Paws up to Steve and Mike!!!

  3. John says:

    Another great trip Mike!!! No doubt you are the busiest PNP in SW Ohio.

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