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Great Dane Pup Glory

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Glory was found abandoned in Tennessee, tossed out on the road because she had parvo. She was very sick and close to death. Rescue Lady Whitney found her and nursed her back to health. Glory has been adopted by a real nice person in Southern, CA.

L>R , Whitney, Glory, Carrie , Jackson, TN

L>R , Whitney, Glory, Carrie , Jackson, TN

Almost needing to cross the entire country, pilots and other volunteers made sure Glory got to her new home. Jim Carney covered the first let from Jackson, TN to Vicksburg, MS. Ed Valentine fired up his engine to continue the journey from Vicksburg, MS to Dallas, TX. Glory made her way from Dallas to Albuquerque, where she climbed on board with Leo to Phoenix.

Ed, Kaye with Glory. Vicksburg,MS. The other Dog is Piper which belongs to them.

Ed, Kaye with Glory. Vicksburg,MS. The other Dog is Piper which belongs to them.

Jim Kenney was the final leg for this 1,000+ mile journey. As the transport was coming together, Jim had a prior commitment on the day that seemed to work for everyone else. His response, “I cannot be the reason that Glory does not make it to her home on Sunday. I will move things around here on Sunday and take her from Phoenix to Southern CA, weather permitting.” This is part of what makes volunteer pilots so great.

Glory in flight. California here I come

Glory in flight. California here I come

Glory finally made it to her forever home in Orange County, CA on February 17th as one well-traveled Great Dane. She had 4 legs between Dallas and Los Angeles, so no doubt it was a stressful day for her, but she was happy as can be when she met her new mommy.

4 thoughts on “Great Dane Pup Glory”

  1. Gussie Baker says:

    I love this organization…they do such good work….

  2. Wanda Taylor says:

    Good for Glory! I bet her new mom is sooooo excited! What a great story — what an amazing group of pilots! And Whitney, you are the best for taking Glory in and nursing her back to health. Kudos to all!!!

  3. Susan Metzler says:

    You embody the true definition of “Lifesavers”!!! love you guys and all you do for the dogs…

  4. Rhonda Moser says:

    Pilots n Paws is an awesome program and made a 3 leg journey from Lufkin, Texas to Dubuque, Iowa. Without their dedication to saving animals, my LouLou that I love so much, wouldnt be here today. Thank you Pilots n Paws and Mala Brady for making this all possible……God Bless!!!

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