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Scott Introduced New Friends to PnP

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This trip began as a way out for dogs of the Logan Pound, (a very high kill facility), but a distemper outbreak resulted in a complete quarantine of that facility. No dogs were allowed in or out of Logan. We learned that all dogs still in the facility were to be put down to stop the spread of the disease. So Tragic.


We had already committed to bring out a pregnant beagle who was in foster, so we found ourselves scrambling to find other Rescues, who could help fill the plane. DOG BLESS of WV, jumped in on VERY short notice (actually the night before), and a deal was struck. We would bring out among others, 2 pregnant beagles, a starved abused beagle boy, plus a few more. Rescues involved were DOG BLESS, some dedicated Private Logan Rescuers, Penny Angel Beagle in NJ, and the Delaware County SPCA in PA.


Logan, WV can be a pretty hopeless place for a stray dog. The economy is based on coal mining, and life can be hard. Stray dogs are everywhere, and we are told that its common for owners to just drop dogs off in any open areas and just drive away, leaving them to starve or be killed. As a matter of fact, while we were departing the Logan airport, a car pulled up and 3 dogs were just put out, and the car disappeared down the road. Very sad.  The skinny abused beagle boy was very sweet, even though we were told he had suffered years of abuse, and was removed from his owner. Again, it speaks to the tremendous capacity for forgiveness that a dog possesses.


It was a great day for flying, and the only uncomfortable part was the total mountainous route from Charleston, WV out to Logan. Logan airport sits on a high windy plateau, surrounded by very inhospitable terrain. Single engine airplanes and mountains are not very compatible, so we all agreed to meet in Charleston, WV next time for safety sake. All dogs arrived safely, and we introduced some new WV friends to the free services of Pilots N Paws.

3 thoughts on “Scott Introduced New Friends to PnP”

  1. anna jones says:

    thank you all so much for all you have done and are doing. anna

  2. Diana Gabbard says:

    Thank you sooooo much for saving these deserving beagles! They will be grateful the rest of their lives to you angles who delivered them to a better life.

  3. Melinda says:

    This is one of the saddest stories I have ever heard. To put all of them down?!!! What is that?!!! This is a terrible place and in serious need of a spay/neuter program, or maybe dogs should just not be allowed in this community (we know that cannot happen though). Those who abuse animals deserve to suffer a greater abuse than the animals and do not deserve, no matter what they profess, to ever be given the grace of God in death. They should be treated as they treat others, put in hell as they have put these dogs.

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